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Star of Boston: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy by Helen M. Wright

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Part II


Atonement and Eucharist:

The story of the Second Coming of the Christ as Revelation

Mary Baker Eddy tells us that "Atonement and Eucharist," Chapter II of Science and Health, is her life story as well as that of Jesus. Nearly 2000 years ago Jesus said, "I am a man who has told you the truth."

What did he tell us was the truth?

He said, "The kingdom of God is within you," meaning it is your own Mind, the Mind that is Love and knows only infinite good.

Jesus also said, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now." Two thousand years ago people were just coming out of mythology, and were too ignorant to understand Jesus' meaning--that the kingdom of God is your own real Mind. But Jesus promised and prophesied that the "Comforter" would come in the Second Coming of the Christ, and would "tell you all things and be with you forever." This Comforter, this second coming of the Christ, is the Christian Science brought to us by Mary Baker Eddy, who can never be separated from her revelation.

We have seen how Isaiah 54 prophesied this momentous event. However, although we find Mary Baker Eddy prophesied in Scripture, she has told us that we find her only in her writings. Those who look for her elsewhere lose her instead of find her.

Let's see how the chapter "Atonement and Eucharist" heralds forth Mary Baker Eddy's life and teaching as well as that of Jesus. In the pages that follow all quotes, unless otherwise noted, are drawn from "Atonement and Eucharist," pages 18-55 in the current (1910) edition of Science and Health.

At-one-ment Must Be By Example

"Atonement and Eucharist" begins with an overtone of Mind, which shows that "At-one-ment" must be by example. Since "the kingdom of God is within you," our own real Mind must be Love; it must be the infinite good we call God. Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, taught and demonstrated this oneness with Mind, the kingdom of God within our consciousness. For this we owe them both endless homage.

Mrs. Eddy's work, like that of Jesus, was both individual and collective. Its purpose was to bless all mankind. Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, acted boldly, against the accredited evidence of the senses, against Pharisaical creeds and practices, against Old Theology. Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy refuted all opponents with their healing power. In Mary Baker Eddy's case, by the year 1906 it was estimated that two million cases had been healed by Mrs. Eddy and her students. Even the prestigious Mayo Medical establishment was sending their incurable patients to Christian Science practitioners, and they were healed.

Archivists tell us that in the archives of the Mother Church 21,000 letters and articles by Mary Baker Eddy are to be found, as well as records of hundreds of her healings that have never been put into book form. Of these healings, Mrs. Eddy wrote, "Now as then, signs and wonders are in the metaphysical healing of physical disease; but these signs are only to demonstrate its divine origin,to attest the reality of the higher mission of the Christ-power to take away the sins of the world" (S&H 150:12).

Mrs. Eddy tells us, "It was Christ's purpose to reconcile man to God"to make all mankind aware that "the kingdom of God within you" is your real Mind. This was Mary Baker Eddy's purpose as well. She wanted to awaken us to the spiritual facts of being, to "our present ownership of all good," to a full understanding of the truth that enabled Jesus to say, "When ye stand praying, believe that you already have what you are asking for."

Before Mrs. Eddy's time people thought that God was a man like we seem to be. Why? Because the Bible said that "God made man in His own image and likeness." Therefore people thought because we seem to be matter bodies God must be a man having a matter body. Mrs. Eddy's inspired teaching changed all that.

For nearly forty years Mrs. Eddy worked to perfect her definition of God"the kingdom of God within" your consciousness, your true Mind. In Science and Health, p. xii: 20, Mrs. Eddy writes, "Until June, 1907, she [herself] had never read this book through consecutively in order to elucidate her idealism." It was in that reading in 1907 that she first saw that God, the kingdom of God within your consciousness, was correctly defined by seven instead of eight synonyms as she had previously defined God, infinite good. "Being" had been the eighth synonym. But she now saw that "Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love" were our "being."

Mary Baker Eddy's definition of God marks the only time in human history that God has been defined.

Why was it so important to define God?

Because God is our own real Mind. As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you," so it would have to be your true consciousness, your true Mind.

To a student Mrs. Eddy wrote: "To know there is but one God [infinite good, your own real Mind, "the kingdom of God within you" as your true consciousness] one Cause, one effect, one Mind, heals instantly. Have but One God, and your reflection of Him does the healing [since "Principle and its idea is ONE"].

"Love is the only and all of attainments in spiritual growth. Without it, healing is not done and cannot be, either morally or physically. Every advanced step will show you this until the victory is won and you possess no other consciousness but Love divine."

Jesus and Mrs. Eddy Spoke the Whole Truth

After taking up the tone of Mind, the chapter Atonement and Eucharist next takes up a tone of Spirit (S&H 19:12). Jesus and Mrs. Eddy both brought a sword to material beliefs. They did not hesitate to speak the whole truth. What does Mrs. Eddy say here that will help us understand atonement for sin and aid its efficacy? She says, "Every pang of repentance and suffering, every effort for reform, every good thought and deed, will help us understand Jesus' atonement for sin, and aid its efficacy." She spoke from personal experience; her own spiritual understanding, as we have seen, was won through patient seeking and suffering.

Jesus and Mrs. Eddy bore our infirmities; they knew the error of mortal belief, and with their stripes--the rejection of error--we are healed. "Despised and rejected of men, returning blessing for cursing, Jesus [and Mary Baker Eddy] taught mortals the opposite of themselves, even the nature of God [infinite good]."

Jesus and Mrs. Eddy urged the commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," meaning we must acknowledge the kingdom of God that is within us as our real and only Mind. This means, as Mrs. Eddy explains, "Thou shalt have no belief of Life as mortal; thou shalt not know evil, for there is one Life,even God"the infinite good that is "the kingdom of God within" your consciousness.

When error felt the power of Truth, hatred and vengeance awaited Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. Yet they "swerved not, well knowing that to obey the divine order and trust God [infinite good], saves retracing and traversing anew the path from sin to holiness."

Mrs. Eddy quickly learned that "material belief is slow to acknowledge what the spiritual fact implies. The truth is the centre of all religion. It commands sure entrance into the realm of Love"our true Mind, "the kingdom of God within" our consciousness. Therefore "let us put aside material self and sense, and seek the divine Principle and Science of all healing" (S&H 20:30).

We must constantly turn away from material sense, and look toward the imperishable things of Spirit, meaning of true substance, understanding, reality. "Be not weary in well doing." Mrs. Eddy encourages us, "If your endeavors are beset by fearful odds, and you receive no present reward, go not back to error, nor become a sluggard in the race" (S&H 22:14). Because we are so sound asleep in the Adam dream that has hypnotized us to think we live in a matter body, "wisdom and Love may require many sacrifices of self to save us from sin."

"The efficacy of the crucifixion lay in the practical affection and goodness it demonstrated for mankind. The truth had been lived among men; but until they saw that it enabled their Master to triumph over the grave, his own disciples could not admit such an event to be possible." Here let us add that human theories are inadequate to interpret the divine Principle involved in this divine event, which Mrs. Eddy speaks of as "his mighty, crowning, unparalleled, and triumphant exit from the flesh" (S&H 117:21).

Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy worked for our guidance, that we might demonstrate this power as they did and understand its divine Principle. Mrs. Eddy designed the Mother Church so that healing would permeate all of its activities. She constantly wanted her students to broaden their avenues for blessing the people. She said, "Learn to forget what you should not remember viz. self, and live for the good you do."

We must "go and do likewise," else we are not improving the great blessing which Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy worked and suffered to bestow upon us. Mrs. Eddy writes, "The divinity of the Christ was made manifest in the humanity of Jesus" (S&H 25:31).

We know Mrs. Eddy is also speaking of her experience when she writes, "While we adore Jesus and the heart overflows with gratitude for all he did for mortals,treading alone his loving speechless agony exploring the way for us, yet [neither Mrs. Eddy nor] Jesus spares us one individual experience, if we follow [their] commands faithfully; and all have the cup of sorrowful effort to drink in proportion to their demonstration of love, till all are redeemed through divine Love..." Their mission was to reveal the Science of celestial being, to prove what infinite good, "the kingdom of God within" your consciousness, your own true Mind, is and does for man. Man is this true Mind's reflection; therefore "man" is always spiritual and perfect. Christian Science reveals "the omnipresence of present perfection."

Jesus' and Mary Baker Eddy's teaching and practice involved such a sacrifice as makes us admit its Principle to be Love. They "proved by their deeds that Christian Science destroys sickness, sin, and death." They taught and practiced the divine Principle of all real being. We must follow their example, and work out the harmony of Life and Love. As we do, we will find that "the I--the Life, substance and intelligence of the universe--is not in matter to be destroyed." Jesus and Mrs. Eddy "laid the axe of Science at the root of material knowledge that it might be ready to cut down the false doctrine of pantheism,that God, or Life, is in or of matter."

Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, found that many of her students stood in her way. "If the Master had not taken a student and taught the unseen verities of God, he would not have been [thrown into the cauldron of hate; he would not have been] crucified" (S&H 28:4). Mrs. Eddy had the same experience. At the end, it was her own students in the highest echelon that caused her "mental murder"something her enemies had never been able to accomplish.

At one time Mrs. Eddy said, "My students are doing more for, and against Christian Science than any others can do. They are the greatest sinners on earth when they injure it; and doing more good than any others when they do the best they know how" (A Carpenter item).

Oh, how much Mrs. Eddy wished that all Christian Scientists were awake and demonstrating Love and intelligence as they should. In June, 1901, Mrs. Eddy wrote a student: "Wisdom is one third of Christian Science, the other two-thirds is Love."

In a meeting with her students in February of 1885 Mrs. Eddy told them:

The grand secret of your success is in your Christianity. Just in proportion as mortal sense is hushed [in the mind of the practitioner], just in that proportion will healing be done.

Some say "We are doing all we can." Stop the utterance. Do more. God is making the extreme trial an occasion for your good. Such moments are the most glorious of all experiences because God's hand is stretched out over them.

We have God [infinite good] on our side to meet all questions, and I have never found an hour when He [infinite good] would not deliver me.

"The determination to hold Spirit in the grasp of matter is the persecutor of Truth and Love," Mrs. Eddy says in Atonement and Eucharist. By understanding more of the Principle of the deathless Christ, we are enabled to heal the sick and to triumph over sin. This understanding will come as we persevere in our study of Mary Baker Eddy's teaching.

"Our churches spring up spontaneously from the soil of healing," Mrs. Eddy wrote a student, "But I know that a healer needs all her time to do her best in caring for patients. It is an absorbing subject to lift the mind above pain, disease, and death and when I practiced I could not attend to aught else."

Mrs. Eddy learned from the Bible how to wear Love's "wedding garment." What is the "wedding garment" of divine Love?

The "wedding garment," Mrs. Eddy explained to a student, "is first the desire above all else to be Christ-like, to be tender, merciful, forgetting self and caring for others' salvation. To be temperate, pure, whereby appetite and passions cease to claim your attention and you are not discouraged to wait on God. To wait for the tests of your sincere longing to be good, and seek, through daily prayer for Divine teaching. If you continue to ask you will receive,provided you comply with what you must do for yourself in order to be thus blessed....Be of good cheer, you cannot seek without finding."

Mrs. Eddy's desire above all else was to heal as Jesus did.

She wrote to her students, the Millers, "Today it is a marvel to me that God chose me for this mission, and that my life-work was the theme of ancient prophecy and I the scribe of His infinite way of salvation! O may he keep me at the feet of Christ, cleansing the human understanding and bathing it with my tears; wiping it with the hairs of my head, the shreds of my understanding that God "numbered" to make men wise unto salvation."

But in the beginning, with her as it was with Jesus, "neither the origin, the character, nor the work of [Mary Baker Eddy] was generally understood, not a single component part of [her] nature did the material world measure aright." They did not see the purity of her thought. "To suppose that persecution for righteousness' sake belongs to the past, and that Christianity today is at peace with the world because it is honored by sects and societies, is to misunderstand the very nature of religion. Error repeats itself," she wrote.

Surely Mrs. Eddy found that the "trials encountered by prophet, disciple, and apostle, 'of whom the world was not worthy,' await, in some form, every pioneer of truth" (S&H 28:29).

How do we finally "have the crown of rejoicing"? Mrs. Eddy answers, "Christian experience bids us work more earnestly in times of persecution because then our labor is more needed." "Great is the reward of self-sacrifice, though we may never receive it in this world."

Born of a Woman

Mrs. Eddy tells us that the Virgin-mother conceived the idea that God--infinite good, the kingdom of God within our consciousness as our real Mind--is the only author of man. She "gave to her ideal the name of Jesus--that is Joshua, or Saviour" (S&H 29:18).

"The illumination of the [Virgin] Mary's spiritual sense put to silence material law and its order of generation, and brought forth her child by the revelation of Truth, demonstrating God, Mind, ["the kingdom of God within" our consciousness] as the Father of men. [Our Mind, our consciousness, is the only creator. Therefore man is image or idea.] The Holy Ghost [divine Science] or divine Spirit, overshadowed the pure sense of the Virgin-mother with the full recognition that being is Spirit. The Christ [the reflection of God, Mind, "the kingdom of God within you," within your consciousness] dwelt forever an idea in the bosom of God, the divine Principle of the man, Jesus, and woman perceived this spiritual idea, though at first faintly developed." The Virgin Mary glimpsed that man is an idea, manifested by her Mind, by "the kingdom of God within [her consciousness]." It was this recognition that "overshadowed the pure sense of the Virgin-mother with the full recognition that being is Spirit."

Therefore, Mrs. Eddy states, "Jesus was the offspring of "Mary's self-conscious communion with God [her own real Mind, "the kingdom of God within" her consciousness]. Hence he could give a more spiritual idea of life than other men, and could demonstrate the Science of Love,...his divine Principle," meaning the Mind that was the kingdom of God "within his consciousness."

Because he was born of a woman Mrs. Eddy said, Jesus' advent in the flesh partook partly of Mary's earthly condition. Had his origin and birth been wholly apart from mortal usage, Jesus would not have been appreciable to mortal mind as "the way." Only after nearly two thousand years since the time of Jesus, do we have Mary Baker Eddy, born of two parents, fulfilling the scriptural promise of Jesus to send "another Comforter," the Second Coming of the Christ, and fulfilling also the promise of Isaiah's 54th chapter.

No Ties of the Flesh

Why was Mary Baker Eddy chosen for this holy task? Perhaps because she alone was worthy. Mrs. Eddy tells us (S&H 31:1), "Pride and fear are unfit to bear the standard of Truth, and God will never place it in such hands." Mrs. Eddy certainly knew neither pride nor fear, and all her life she sought after the spiritual as men seek for buried treasure.

Perhaps even more important, Mary Baker Eddy, like Jesus "acknowledged no ties of the flesh." Because Jesus knew that man is the reflection of our true and real divine Mind, of "the kingdom of God" within our consciousness, he was fully aware that the belief in a fleshly mortal was merely hypnotic suggestion, illusion only, and would disappear when the light of truth dawned on human consciousness. Therefore, as Mrs. Eddy tells us, "Jesus acknowledged no ties of the flesh." He, like Mary Baker Eddy, recognized Spirit, Mind, as the only creator, and therefore as the "Father" of all.

"Referring to the materiality of the age, Jesus said: 'The hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father [Mind, the kingdom of God within your consciousness] in spirit and in truth.' He also saw the persecution that would attend the Science of Spirit, and said, 'They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time cometh, that whoso killeth you will think that he doeth God service; and these things will they do because they have not known thee.'" "They have not known" the truth about the kingdom of God, infinite good, within their consciousness, which is the only creator.

Like Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy understood that "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation." Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy both taught that human birth is the first death. In the Gospels Jesus said, "Blessed are the wombs that never bare." This angered the high priests, and caused Jesus' crucifixion. Mrs. Eddy, too, angered many when she instructed that bringing a child into the world was murder. Jesus and Mrs. Eddy both knew that human birth pulls the wool over our eyes, and causes us to "see through a glass darkly."

The illusion of birth subjects us to the illusion of death. In notes from Divinity Course and General Collectanea (p. 14), compiled by Richard Oakes, we find the following:

In a booklet entitled Fragments of a Lost Gospel, published by the Oxford University Press, giving account of the sayings of Jesus that are regarded as authentic by scholars, we find the following: "When Salome asked when those things about which she questioned should be made known, the Lord said, 'When ye trample upon the garment of shame, when the two become one and the male with the female, neither male nor female.' The meaning being that Christ's kingdom on earth would not be manifested until man had returned to that state of innocence in which sexual ideas and relations had no place. [This is why Jesus loved little children--they were innocent of sexual notions and relationships].

When Salome asked how long death would prevail, the Lord said, "So long as ye women bear children, for I have come to destroy the works of the female" (Logia of Jesus, Christian Science Journal, Vol. 25). Jesus was asked, "When shall the dominion of death cease?" Jesus saith, "As long as (material) birth continues, for I am come to destroy the works of birth." (See Matt. 5:17 and S&H 69).

Is it not true that many so-called Christians secretly feel "Jesus blasphemeth" when he taught in Luke, "Blessed are the wombs that never bare," and when he told Salome: "Death will never cease until ye women cease your child-bearing"?

When Laura Sargent asked Mrs. Eddy, "Mother, what do you mean by 'sin, sin, sin'?" Mrs. Eddy answered, "I mean the connubial relationship." When someone wrote, asking Mrs. Eddy to congratulate them over the birth of a Christian Science baby, Mrs. Eddy read the letter aloud to her household; "then with apparent indignation uttered: 'A Christian Science baby! A crime! Just as much a crime as murder would be!'"(Carpenter items).

How many so-called Christian Scientists would, like the high priests of old, say "within themselves," "this [woman] blasphemeth"? In Science and Health we read, "The earthly price of spirituality in a material age and the great moral distance between Christianity and sensualism precludes Christian Science from finding favor with the worldly minded" (p. 36:14). This is why Scripture warns us "the remnant shall be few and very feeble." How many today have the courage to step forward and defend Mary Baker Eddy in her teaching on this subject? Or to defend her when her God-dictated Manual is disobeyed and voided by human and materially-minded seekers for temporal power--who persuaded those who "want a king to rule over them," that Mary Baker Eddy and her Manual estoppels can't rule from the grave?

Mary Baker Eddy's teaching of man as never born and never dying is basic to learning our immortality, and our oneness with the infinite good we call God, namely, "the kingdom of God [of infinite good] within" our consciousness, our own real divine Mind. "It is the spiritualization of thought and Christianization of daily life [Mrs. Eddy has 50 references to "daily"], in contrast with the results of the ghastly farce of material existence; it is chastity and purity in contrast with the downward tendencies and earthward gravitation of sensualism and impurity, which really attest the divine operation of Christian Science. The triumphs of Christian Science are recorded in the destruction of error and evil, from which are propagated the dismal beliefs of sin, sickness, death" (S&H, p. 272:19).

Again, Mrs. Eddy writes: "The broadcast powers of evil so conspicuous today show themselves in the materialism and sensualism of the age, struggling against the advancing spiritual era. Beholding the world's lack of Christianity, and the powerlessness of vows to make home happy, the human mind will at length demand a higher affection" (S&H 65:13). "The false claims of error continue the delusion until the goal of goodness is assiduously earned and won" (S&H 233:13).

Mary Baker Eddy's purity and spiritual understanding fitted her to teach the Truth. Through the "Comforter," the Second Coming of the Christ, promised and prophesied by Jesus, every human being is destined to learn his oneness with his divine Principle, Love.

"The Cup of Our Lord"

As the Wayshower and Witness to the Truth, Mary Baker Eddy, like Jesus, found that her path led through suffering. Again in Atonement and Eucharist (Science and Health, page 32) we read of "the cup of our Lord." Here Mrs. Eddy writes, "The cup shows forth his bitter experience,the cup which he prayed might pass from him, though he bowed in holy submission to the divine decree."

Jesus' last sad supper that he ate with his disciples was a mournful occasion taken at the close of day with shadows fast falling around. "This supper closed forever Jesus' ritualism or concessions to matter." For the truth Jesus had taught he "was about to suffer violence and drain to the dregs his cup of sorrow....With the great glory of an everlasting victory overshadowing him, he gave thanks and said, 'Drink ye all of it.'"

"When the human element in him struggled with the divine, our great Teacher said:....'Let not the flesh, but the Spirit, be represented in me.' This is the new understanding of spiritual Love. It gives all for Christ, or Truth." Mrs. Eddy too, like Jesus, took up the cross and left all for the Christ-principle. For the Christ-principle she gave up family and friends, endured the world's taunts and slander and the betrayal of trusted students and finally, like Jesus, knowingly allowed herself to be given into the hands of her enemies.

Mrs. Eddy's final sacrifice came when she left her beloved home in Concord, N.H., to return to Boston in 1908. The move from Boston to Concord, at the dawn of the 1890's had been a significant and welcome crossroad in Mrs. Eddy's life. In Pleasant View, her new quiet home, more isolated from society, she devoted herself to writing and study, first bringing out the 50th edition of Science and Health.

Mrs. Eddy's beloved "Pleasant View" in Concord, N.H.

Mary Baker Eddy once told a dear student that if she ever left Pleasant View it would be to be delivered up to her enemies, yet on January 26, 1908 she left Pleasant View. Why?

In order to bless all mankind.

As early as 1878 Mrs. Eddy had publicly declared an interest in having a newspaper at her disposal "to right the wrongs and answer the untruths" (S&H, second edition 1878, p. 166), but she could not oversee such an undertaking from Pleasant View.

Thus it was that, impelled by divine Love, she left the home she so dearly loved and moved to Chestnut, a suburb of Boston, to help establish a daily newspaper, the Christian Science Monitor, which she hoped would have a healing effect on the world. And, as she had foreseen, two years later she was mentally murdered by her own power-seeking students.

Under the heading of "Millennial glory," we read: "If all who ever partook of the sacrament had really commemorated the sufferings of Jesus and drunk of his cup, they would have revolutionized the world [and would have brought in the millennium]."

The Joyful Meeting on the Shore of the Galilean Sea

"In the bright morning hours at the joyful meeting on the shore of the Galilean Sea" (S&H 34:31), the disciples discerned Christ, Truth, anew and "were enabled to rise somewhat from mortal sensuousness, or the burial of mind in matter, into newness of life as Spirit." Mrs. Eddy teaches us how to overcome all error. She writes that "our baptism is a purification from all error. [It certainly was for her.] Our church is built on the divine Principle, Love. We can unite with this church only as we are new-born of Spirit, as we reach the Life which is Truth and the Truth which is Life by bringing forth the fruits of Love" as Mrs. Eddy surely did.

It was so important to Mary Baker Eddy that Christian Science express Love in practical ways. Her last talk to the workers in her beloved Pleasant View home concerned the importance of healing: "Give all your time to healing. Perfect yourself in this." This meant, "Physician, heal thyself"the practitioner is always the patient who must heal himself of believing any error presented to him is true. "Error comes to [the practitioner] for life, and [the practitioner] gives it the only life it has," said Mrs. Eddy.

Nothing was more important to Mrs. Eddy than that Christian Scientists devoted themselves to the healing practice--healing themselves of the belief that error, sin sickness, in--harmony of any kind, is anything but illusion, hypnotism. For more than forty years Mrs. Eddy had devoted her life entirely to fulfilling Jesus' prophecy and promise to send another "Comforter" who would teach mankind to heal as he had healed. She would bring the Second Coming of the Christ that would teach all humanity that our own Mind is God--is "the kingdom of God within" our consciousness, that would be aware of "the omnipresence of present perfection."

"Without the proof of healing, there is no real Christian Science. When we lean on God [our real, true Mind, "the kingdom of God within" our consciousness] and deny that which is ungod-like, always affirming the perfection and omnipresence of the one perfect Principle [that is our real Mind], we will experience healing. The crown of divine Love comes or follows in the unselfed living for others."

Answering the question of how to heal quickly, Mrs. Eddy said to her last class, "Just be Love, be it; be nothing but Love."

"The design of Love is to reform the sinner....Divine Science reveals the necessity of sufficient suffering, either before or after death, to quench the love of sin....Jesus endured the shame, that he might pour his dear-bought bounty into barren lives. What was his earthly reward? He was forsaken by all save John, the beloved disciple, and a few women who bowed in silent woe beneath the shadow of his cross."

Mrs. Eddy was speaking of her own experience when she wrote, "The earthly price of spirituality in a material age and the great moral distance between Christianity and sensualism precludes Christian Science from finding favor with the worldly-minded....Martyrs are the human links which connect one stage with another in the history of religion. They are earth's luminaries, which serve to cleanse and rarefy the atmosphere of material sense and to permeate humanity with purer ideals" (S&H 36:14 to 37:12).

Too many assume that Jesus' commandments were intended only for a particular period and for a select number of followers. "This teaching," Mrs. Eddy says, "is even more pernicious than the old doctrine of fore--ordination,the election of a few to be saved, while the rest are damned." This was what the young Mary Baker stood against so stoutly in her childhood. She firmly believed that Jesus' words were still true: "These signs shall follow them that believe;...they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

Mary understood that the word hands is used metaphorically, as in the text, "The right hand of the Lord is exalted." She saw the significance of the fact that while Jesus was addressing his disciples, yet he did not say, "These signs shall follow you," but "These signs shall follow them." She understood that this meant not just his disciples but all "them that believe" in all time to come.

The cause needs healers more than it needs teachers. Mrs. Eddy wrote to the Editor of the Journal: "I started this great work and woke the people by demonstration, not by words, but by works. Our periodicals must have more testimonials....The sinner and the sick healed are our best witnesses." Wherever Mrs. Eddy lectured, or spoke in sermons, wonderful healings followed.

All that error threw at Mary Baker Eddy--disease, insanity, death, legal attacks that threatened everything she had worked to establish--error in every form, was treated as an occasion to heal, just an opportunity to show the world that God is an ever-present help in trouble.

Mind, not matter, is our Life, and we can rejoice in knowing that Mind never dies. Sin and a false sense of life is all that dies. Immortality and blessedness never die, hence we should banish the false sense; it is not real.

When the editor of the Minneapolis Daily News asked for a statement of what Christian Science could do for universal fellowship, Mrs. Eddy replied:

Christian Science can and does produce universal fellowship as a sequence of divine Love. It explains Love, it lives Love, it demonstrates Love. The human material so-called senses do not perceive this fact until they are controlled by divine Love, hence the Scripture: "Be still and know that I am God." [This means, "know that I am Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love."] (My. 275:3.)

To a student she wrote: "Faith in and the spiritual understanding of the allness of divine Love, heals. Work and wait, watch and pray, till you know the allness of God [infinite good, your own right Mind, "the kingdom of God within" your consciousness] and in that understanding you will gain the desired result, the 'secret place,' then you can abide under the assurance spiritual of his support." Healing the sick and the sinner with truth, demonstrates what we affirm of Christian Science, and nothing can substitute this demonstration.

Let us all, as Christian Scientists, address ourselves to becoming better healers. Watch, pray, labor and have faith. Know that you can be what God, your real, true Mind, "the kingdom of God within" your consciousness, demands you to be and now are.

Her Healing Ability Remained Undiminished

Mrs. Eddy's desire to be Christ-like was constant. Her healing ability remained constant too. Because Mrs. Eddy found Calvin Frye of great help to her, it seemed error wanted to deprive her of that help. She raised Mr. Frye from death several times, because she needed him in her daily work for the world. George Kinter, a worker in Mrs. Eddy's home, tells of one of the times that Mrs. Eddy raised Calvin after he had been dead for some time. Mr. Kinter says Mrs. Eddy called him late one night in February, 1905, and asked him to find out why Mr. Frye had not answered her call.

When Mr. Kinter entered Calvin's bedroom, he found him slumped in a chair. He had passed on. He was as cold and rigid as stone; he had no pulse. When Kinter reported this to Mrs. Eddy she went at once to Calvin's side and began treatment--denying the error and declaring the truth. Mr. Kinter says, and other members of the household also attest, that these denials of error and declarations of truth were uttered with such dominion and eloquence--for a full hour--as they had never heard before.

Mr. Kinter says that our beloved Leader called Calvin Frye with the following words:

"Calvin, wake up and be the man God made! You are not dead and you know it! Calvin, all is Life! How often have you proved there is no death. [Mrs. Eddy had raised Calvin from death several times before.] Calvin, all is Life! Life! Undying Life. Say, 'God is my Life'....Declare: 'I can help myself'....Rouse yourself. Shake off this nightmare of false, human belief and of fear. Don't let error mesmerize you into a state of believing Satan's lies about man made in God's image and likeness! Your lifework is not done. I need you. Our great blessed Cause needs you."

"Life is as deathless as God Himself for Life is God. Calvin, there is no death, for the Christian. Christ Jesus has abolished death, and this treatment is not reversed by error." (Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer, Yvonne von Fettweis and Robert Warneck, p. 200-1)

Slowly, after about an hour, Calvin moved. Then he spoke in low tones, just as he had done on two other occasions when Mrs. Eddy brought him back. He said, "Don't call me back. Let me go. I am so tired." But Mrs. Eddy needed Calvin Frye, and she answered him that she would persist in calling him back, for "You have not been away. You have only been dreaming. And now that you have awakened out of the dream, you are not tired, and you do not concede any claims of the material senses [because God, infinite good is your own Mind]." (See ibid. p.201)

Kinter says that in another half hour "Calvin Frye had completely recovered." The rest of the night, he said, was peaceful, and in the morning Calvin resumed his regular duties in helping Mrs. Eddy.

Did Mrs. Eddy limit her healing ability to men and women? No. She said, "Heal the animals as well as mankind. When I was in [the continual healing] practice I healed them and found them responsive to Truth in every instance."

Mary Baker Eddy, like Jesus, mapped out the path for others. Like Jesus, Mrs. Eddy unveiled the Christ, the spiritual idea of divine Love. Both Jesus and Mrs. Eddy taught that "the material senses shut out Truth and its healing power" (S&H 38:31). Meekly, they both "met the mockery of [their] unrecognized grandeur. Such indignities as [they both] received, [their] followers will endure until Christianity's last triumph."

Both Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy have won eternal honors. As before stated, "Human theories are inadequate to interpret the divine Principle Jesus' mighty, crowning, unparalleled, and triumphant exit from the flesh" (S&H 117:19). The time will come when Mary Baker Eddy will have won the esteem she deserves for bringing us the understanding of that Principle.

Mrs. Eddy knew that if we, as the practitioner, remove error from our thought error will not appear in effect in the patient. Old theology is always preparing for a future-world salvation. "The educated belief that Soul (true identity) is in the body, causes mortals to regard death as a friend....[but] Jesus overcame death and the grave instead of yielding to them. He was the way..."he saw the total unreality of matter, saw it as illusion, hypnotic suggestion.

Mary Baker Eddy knew, like Paul, that "Now is the accepted time...NOW is the day of salvation." Jesus and Mrs. Eddy taught that now is the time in which to experience that salvation by knowing and demonstrating the Truth they brought. She taught that NOW is the time for material pains and pleasures to pass away, for both are unreal.

Mary Baker Eddy had also learned that the advance beyond matter must come through the sorrows and afflictions of the righteous as well as through their joys and triumphs. Like Jesus and Mrs. Eddy we too must depart from material sense into the spiritual sense of being.

"Jesus foresaw the reception Christian Science would have before it was understood," but Jesus, knowing the power of Mind over matter "met and mastered on the basis of Christian Science, all the claims of medicine, surgery, and hygiene." Mrs. Eddy did likewise, and taught us how to do so. The key, she told us, is love.

This is what dominates through all Mary Baker Eddy's teaching--the great need for loving one another.

To a student she wrote: "You must love all, even if they persecute you, you must love all. But you must love especially the brethren. You must meet with them, cheer them in their labors, point the way of love to them and show them it, by loving first, and waiting patiently for them to be in this great step by your side, loving each other and walking together. This is what the world must see before we can convince the world of the truths of Christian Science."

In writing to another student, Mrs. Eddy told him, "The healing will grow more easy and be more immediate as you realize that God, good [your true Mind, "the kingdom of God within" your consciousness] is all and is Love. You must gain Love, and lose the false sense called love. [It is all in letting go of the wrong point of view.] You must feel the Love that never faileth,that perfect sense of divine Love that makes healing no longer power but grace. Then you will have the Love that casts out fear, and when fear is gone doubt is gone and your work is done. Why? Because it never was undone." (A Carpenter item.)

In her 1896 address to her church in Boston, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Mrs. Eddy directed thought away from the persecution of Jesus to his demonstration of divine, infinite Love, forgiving his enemies. She pointed out that this was what enabled him to overcome the cross and the grave. We all must learn to forgive.

Jesus, knowing the kingdom of God was his own divine consciousness, could demonstrate the power of Spirit to overrule mortal, material sense. He "vanquished every material obstacle, every law of matter....[he] fully and finally demonstrated divine Science in his victory over death and the grave....[his] persecutors had failed to hide immortal Truth and Love in a sepulchre." The same can be said of the truth Mary Baker Eddy discovered and taught.

When Jesus presented the same body after his death by crucifixion, he "glorified the supremacy of Mind over matter" (S&H 45:31). Mary Baker Eddy likewise "glorified the supremacy of Mind over matter" when she explained Jesus' demonstration, in the Second Coming of the Christ, fulfilling Jesus' prophecy and promise concerning the "Comforter" that would "abide with you forever."

Of this "Comforter"the Second Coming of the Christ, which Mary Baker Eddy brought--Jesus said, "the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost [divine Science] whom the Father [Mind, infinite good] will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you" (John 14:16). This prophecy Mary Baker Eddy fulfilled.

Through all Mary Baker Eddy suffered she received the Holy Ghost, or divine Science. It came after a life of suffering, as Isaiah, chapter 54, had foretold. Her life, in founding Christian Science, after her great discovery that "all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation," was like that of Jesus, "filled with pangs of neglect [as] the staves of bigoted ignorance smote [her] sorely."

Mrs. Eddy, like Jesus, suffered from the fear that her great discovery--divine Science--would be misunderstood and lost to the centuries, as was Jesus' great teaching a few hundred years after his crucifixion and ascension. Mrs. Eddy describes this fear that assailed both her and Jesus when she says "the burden of that hour was terrible beyond human conception. The distrust of mortal minds, disbelieving the purpose of his mission, was a million times sharper than the thorns which pierced his side. [This was equally true of Mary Baker Eddy's burden.] The real cross which Jesus [and Mary Baker Eddy] bore up the hill of grief, was the world's hatred of Truth and Love. Not the spear nor the material cross wrung from [Jesus'] faithful lips the plaintive cry, 'Eloi, Eloi, lama Sabachthani?' [My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?] It was [as in the case of Mary Baker Eddy too] the possible loss of something more important than human life that moved Jesus [and Mrs. Eddy]the possible misapprehension of the sublimest influence of [their] careers. This dread added the drop of gall to the cup of Jesus [and of Mary Baker Eddy, whom Jesus said would explain everything that he had demonstrated.]"

Mrs. Eddy's mighty works, her toils, privations, sacrifices, her divine patience, sublime courage, and unrequited affection, caused her to see clearly what Jesus endured. She writes of Jesus: "Remembering the sweat of agony which fell in holy benediction on the grass of Gethsemane, shall the humblest or mightiest disciple murmur when he drinks from the same cup, and think, or even wish, to escape the exalting ordeal of sin's revenge on its destroyer" (S&H 48:10).

Yet how few disciples remain steadfast, even as the Wayshower suffers all for them! Where, at the crucifixion, were the seventy whom Jesus had sent forth, and who had come back saying, "Even the devils are subject unto us through thy name"?

Jesus had been forsaken. His healing demonstration of the nothingness of matter and the allness of God, infinite good, the "kingdom of God within" was misunderstood. The world's understanding of the Science behind his marvelous demonstration would have to wait almost two thousand years, until Mary Baker Eddy, through her pure Christ Mind, discovered the Christ Science and brought the Second Coming of the Christ, the "Comforter" Jesus had promised and prophesied.

This "holy Ghost or divine Science" was the "Spirit of truth," of which Jesus said, "When he, the Spirit of truth, is come he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you....that the world may know that thou [infinite good] hast sent me."

Yes, nearly two thousand years later this prophecy and promise of Jesus, which had already been foretold in Isaiah, chapter 54, would be fulfilled. This would be Mary Baker Eddy's divine work on earth. She would fulfill Jesus' prophecy to bring forth the "Comforter." The first advent was ushered in with healing. The Second Coming of the Christ would be ushered in with millions of healings.

With the advent of Mary Baker Eddy came a mighty blessing for the human race. Through her the divine Spirit that centuries ago identified and filled Jesus has today "...spoken through the inspired Word and will speak through it in every age and clime..." (S&H 46:9).

This blessing, this "Comforter," is not always welcomed today, any more than Jesus and his message were welcomed in his time. "Perhaps the early Christian era did Jesus no more injustice than the later centuries have bestowed upon the healing Christ and spiritual idea of being. Now that the gospel of healing is again preached by the wayside, does not the pulpit sometimes scorn it?" (S&H 55:6).

Nevertheless, as Mary Baker Eddy tells us at the end of Chapter II, Atonement and Eucharist, "Truth's immortal idea IS sweeping down the centuries, gathering beneath its wings the sick and sinning. My weary hope tries to realize that happy day, when man shall recognize the Science of Christ and love his neighbor as himself,when he shall realize God's omnipotence [infinite good's, "the kingdom of God within" his own consciousness, as his own Mind] and realize the healing power of the divine Love in what it has done and is doing for mankind." The promises will be fulfilled as "mankind awakens to its present ownership of all good" (My. 356:1).


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