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Star of Boston: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy by Helen M. Wright

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Picture Number 6

Christ was not crucified that doom
Was Jesus' part;
For Sharon's rose must bud and bloom
In human heart.*

Forever present, bounteous, free,
Christ comes in gloom;
And aye, with grace towards you and me,
For health makes room.

* "God was manifest in the flesh." - St. Paul

Scriptural basis:
If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin
but the Spirit [God-likeness] is life because of
righteousness. - St. Paul

But such as I have, give I thee: In the name of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk - St. Peter


The stanzas accompanying this picture read:

"Christ was not crucified that doom was Jesus' part; For Sharon's rose [meaning the Church of Christ] must bud and bloom in human heart. ("...God was manifest in the flesh." Paul)

"Forever present, bounteous, free, Christ comes in gloom; And aye, with grace towards you and me, for health makes room."

The Scriptural texts given for these two stanzas indicate the striking contrast between them. A similar contrast is evident between the plane of consciousness of the man on the bed and the woman in the doorway on one hand, as typing the first stanza, and the woman in white as typing the second stanza.

This second stanza presents the woman in white in the foreground as typing the "Christ," which "comes in gloom; and aye, with grace towards you and me, for health makes room." She has done this by casting out the "gloom" of Christianity, represented by the woman dressed in dark hues, standing in the doorway, who represents institutional church, which has caused the man's seeming illness. The dark-clothed woman, typing the man-controlled spirit of the Christianity of Jesus' first coming, is still enshrouded in the sackcloth of its "commemorative" form, typing the crucifixion of its spirit.

Human womanhood, typed by the woman in grey, having failed to discern a higher light than commemorative Christianity as manhood (typed by the first organization of the Boston Church), feels the weight of static Christianity. Commemoration is but the "dead body" of a previously living idea. The first organization of the Boston Church commemorated the word and works of Jesus before his crucifixion, for Jesus neither taught nor healed after his crucifixion, merely explaining the Scriptures to two of his disciples on the walk to Emmaus (Luke 24:13, 15,27).

Beyond this, St. Paul declared, Christianity could not go. As the then highest evangel, he said, "For I determined not to know anything among you , save Jesus Christ, and him crucified" (I Cor. 2:2).

Christian Science is not thus limited. Mrs. Eddy says, "The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the spiritual advent of the advancing [not static] idea of God, as in Christian Science" (Ret. 70:20). Specifically refuting St. Paul's static bounds for Christianity, Mrs. Eddy says, "Christian Science says: I am determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him glorified" (S&H 200:27).

Thus while the blood of a crucified Savior in the first coming of Jesus gave color to "Sharon's rose" which bloomed in the suffering heart of Christianity, the "second appearing" of Jesus in Christian Science demanded its glorification as "the smile of God" (S&H 175:10).

Picture six signals the beginning of WOMAN'S mission, as set forth in the THIRD EDITION of Science and Health. The woman in white is healing the man, when she (in the words of the poem) "for health makes room." The Womanhood of God (having encompassed Jesus' teaching, the manhood of God) looks heaven-ward, and extends her hand to the patient. Woman's mission as separate from Man's mission really starts here.

This 6th picture represents Fatherhood embraced in Motherhood. It corresponds to the period when Mrs. Eddy put her whole revelation into Motherhood in the third edition of Science and Health, where God was consistently referred to as "She" and "Her."

The Star is the CHRIST. Christianity, the organized church, represented by the petitioning wife, is put out of the room, showing the symbol can be perverted unless intelligently upheld. This ejection of the woman in dark clothes also represents the end of the first organization of the Boston church, which Mrs. Eddy dissolved. The static Christianity of the first organization of the Boston Church, which commemorated Jesus' first coming, had crucified the "Christ" of Jesus' "second appearing." Instead of the first Scriptural "basis" of this picture "If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin" it presented its reversal in a "body...dead" to the "second appearing" of Jesus as the Christ.

Inasmuch as the intent of Christ and Christmas is to reveal "the God-anointed mission of our Leader," it is necessary to figuratively identify Mrs. Eddy in every picture. Mrs. Eddy's subjective consciousness at this point is typed by the heavenly woman in white. Woman [standing for the Christ] was a heavenly idea. In the third edition of Science and Health, which this picture correlates, Mrs. Eddy said, "this earth and heaven are now and forever the male and female of spirit..." (S&H Vol. II, p. 120).

Composite Womanhood, in this third edition, goes beyond Mrs. Eddy's previous revelation of manhood in the first edition as an earthly idea, typing Christianity, upon which the First Organization of the Boston Church was founded.

Note that this picture is not called "A CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING," but "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALING." The Christ idea as the Principle of "Christian Science Healing" is typed by the resuscitation of the man on the bed at the heavenly demand of the woman in white for a higher Christianity than that which blooms in "human heart." Womanhood, embracing manhood, "makes room for health, with grace towards you and me." The TRUE sense of Woman [again, meaning the Christ] brings health to man.

The Woman's gown, the man's apparel and the bed linen in this sixth picture are all light greys, unlike their darker hued counterparts in picture two, while the woman's stole here is white in contrast to the black stole of Jesus in picture two. As noted before, shades of brightness stand for degrees of purification; black for first degree, gray for the second, white for the third or highest degree.

[A number of the images Alice Orgain found in this picture are no longer visible. There was the large head of a serpent, eating dust under the chair, his sinuous body winding down the left drape. The face of the lamb was apparent in the upper right behind him; other animal faces appeared in the upper left fold of the drape. A wolf could be plainly seen in the extreme lower right corner; a Leopard was nearby.

Were the twelve Apostles depicted on the overhang of the bedspread? Very distinct faces were visible. A man's profile (an ancient face) was evident over the "l" in "healing;" another man could be seen in a face over the "ia" in "Christian." There were animals and "men" the full length of the bed.]

The picture on the wall shows a new day dawning; medicine is seen behind the man in bed.

The light hued bed in picture six is in a reverse position to the black casket in picture two, but the girl in picture two, with one arm extended to the right hand of Jesus, is sitting in the same position as the man in this picture.

Here the man-patient is reaching toward the Womanhood of God, rather than to God's manhood, and, unlike picture two, the hands do not touch. The Scriptural message here (as given in the Glossary of Christ and Christmas.) is: "Such as I have give I thee; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." Note that the WOMAN points to the ascended Jesus, not the crucified Jesus of the Bible, and that she is not holding a BIBLE. The patient finds that he does not need her help, since the message quickens him to his own completeness, whereas the woman in dark clothes (second degree, moral) (his wife in Christianity) had tried to personally complete him.

When Jesus "fully and finally demonstrated divine Science in his victory over the grave," it was then that he rose into "WOMANHOOD," Life,the first TRINITY quality of the ideal woman. "The ideal woman corresponds to Life and to Love" (S&H 517:10). Jesus was unable to fully reveal this, as he said, "I have yet many things to say to you, but ye cannot bear them now" (John 16:12.)

These "THINGS" had to await JESUS' SECOND COMING in Womanhood, which he prophesied in Rev. 12:1 with the words, "There appeared a great wonder in heaven...." Mary Baker Eddy tells us: "The second appearing of Jesus is, unquestionably, the spiritual advent of the ADVANCING idea of God, as in Christian Science" (Ret. 20:22). "The female idea" in the third edition of Science and Health is definitively given the full heavenly trinity of "Life, Truth, and Love," from which she definitively gives to man, out of the fullness of her own nature, the qualities of "Life" and "Truth." The mission of WOMAN starts here, clearly separated in character from man's mission.

Mrs. Eddy did not get her revelation from the Scripture, but got it directly from divine Mind. She later found that it coincided with the Scriptures. "No human pen nor tongue taught me what is in Science and Health. I began where the Bible left off." Her writings are the "Comforter" promised by Christ Jesus.

Remember, Jesus said, "When the "Comforter" is come [she] will reveal all things."

(See Alice Orgain's As It Is, 46-47, S&H 269:21-25; 123:19-23; My. 179:25-28; 318:31:2).


The healing Christ named Christian Science could never be crucified; nothing can hinder it except a blurred vision of our Leader. The doom of the crucifixion was the cup the Two Witnesses had to drink. It was the world's hatred of the Science.

Sharon's rose, the Church of Christ, is built upon healing and it must bud and bloom in the human heart. The Second Witness has revealed this; it needs only to be practiced. It is the Word made flesh, or God manifest in the flesh. This 6th picture shows us that to separate the Revelator from the Revelation and still maintain Christian Science healing is an impossibility. They cannot be separated. Our Church is built upon a recognition of her and of her revelation. It is based upon Christian Science healing.

Mrs. Eddy once said, "This Cause depends upon healing, healing and wisdom. If these are not added, the salt will lose its savor and this Cause drop down into the darkness of oblivion for centuries."

Again she stated, "The true Science divine Science will be lost sight of again unless we arouse ourselves. This demonstrating to make matter build up is not Science. The building up of churches, the writing of articles and the speaking in public is the old way of building up a cause. The way I brought this Cause into sight was through HEALING: and now these other things would come in and hide it just as was done in the time of Jesus. Now this Cause must be saved and I pray God to be spared for this work."

In Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy, Irving Tomlinson records: "On one occasion, Mrs. Eddy said to a member of her household that the way to establish the Cause through reason is through writing and preaching, teaching and lecturing. This is temporal. But the way to establish the Cause through revelation is by healing, and this is permanent" (p 131).

When the New York Scientists presented Mrs. Eddy with two hundred dollars worth of flowers, she looked at the latter sadly, and afterward, with tears in her eyes said, "But they are not doing the work as I want it. 'If ye love me keep my commandments.'"

In a letter Mrs. Eddy wrote, "The truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner." Mrs. Eddy is the focal point of this sixth picture; without her there is no Christian Science healing then or now. She must be included in every portion of our healing work [since she can never be separated from her revelation]. She tells us that a soldier's love for his country America may save his life. This is because he is loving and fighting for the nation that has a holy purpose; and whether he knows of Christian Science or not, he is protected because he is fighting for this nation's protection. Think what a love for your Leader will do in your healing work.

Mrs. Eddy tells us that the enemy attempts to sever her from her revelation more than they attempt anything else. All claims of malicious animal magnetism [illusion, hypnotic suggestion--aggressive mental suggestion] are handled when resistance to her place in Bible prophecy is handled. The tender love that she expressed in her healing work must be emulated, and extended throughout all of our healing work too. If we handle the world's hatred of her, that love will come forth abundantly in our healing work.

The tender presence of the Christ, Truth, is always present; it is bountiful and free. Christ comes in man's extremity with love for you and me, mankind, and Mrs. Eddy. The mental purity of the Christ, which is the only real health, makes room in thought for Christian Science healing. If the Christ, Truth, is in you, the body has no more power because sin is removed, and there is room for this Scientific, healing Christ. As God's idea, the Christ, you live and move and have your being in His perfection, [since "the kingdom of God is within you"is within your consciousness as your true Mind].

Mrs. Eddy's most precious gift to the world was the Science of Christian healing. She alone gave it to us. She is speaking to all mankind and telling them to rise up and walk in this Christ-likeness. It is your divine right.

The two portions of the poem represent the material giving way to the spiritual, the human becoming imbued with the divine. The Christ, not crucified, is shown clearly in this picture. The healing Christ is the proof of its eternality and vitality. God's Church has budded and blossomed in one individual, "manifest in the flesh," said Mary Baker Eddy; and a recognition of her place will continue this Church built upon healing.

The star of the Christ idea is shining, is healing, is proving, is loving.

Her face is looking for the Mother's presence. She has no idea of herself as the healer. She knows that Christian Science, the Word of God, is the healer. [It is "the kingdom of God within" her consciousness as her right Mind, that is the healer.] Her right hand is pointing to the Christ light as Jesus' left hand is doing in "Christ Healing." One is the acceptance of the Christ as the healer, the other a scientific active power at work vitally reforming human consciousness. There is enough light so that no human touch is needed.

In this picture, "Christian Science Healing" exemplified by Mary Baker Eddy is raising manhood above itself into purer desires, away from all that the bed means. Womanhood has already been touched and is in an attitude of prayer. Manhood is the necessary ingredient to be a firm watcher. Prayer, womanhood, is not enough. Womanhood must lift up and include manhood. Prayer must include watching. Notice that both patient and practitioner are working properly. The patient is receptive who will not move. Notice, too, that the mental work is effective as it is reaching the patient. Her arm is extended.

The artist Gilman records, "During the week past since then I have been making the picture of the illustration 'Christian Science Healing,' and in particular of Mrs. Eddy, as the type of the woman engaged in this picture as healing the sick man. When we were considering the details of the design of the illustration of 'Christian Science Healing,' the question of what was the most spiritually appropriate disposition of the hands and arms, was up for final decision. I reasoned that an attitude of peaceful composure and calmness born of perfect faith in omnipotent Spirit, even perfect understanding of God, should be considered as the most appropriate. I argued that the likeness of the infinite would realize the perfect reality of all things, hence would have no agitation of mind as to the outcome of the healing thought or divine Mind, and therefore perfect repose and calm in the attitude of the healer should predominate. Mrs. Eddy's reply to this I can never forget. She said, 'Yes, but Love yearns.' From this I was led to see that my reasoning was largely the loveless, cold, human, intellectual reasoning that cannot at all see spiritual things in reality, but only the dead literal form of its own vain mortal imaginings. Mrs. Eddy then took an attitude to express her spiritual concept to some extent to me of what the spiritual posture of one spiritually would be who was reflecting the divine healing capacity, in the act of raising from a sick bed one who was being held in the bondage of belief of the reality of evil or error. First, she looked upward with a meekly confident, yearning, a faraway (from material sense) look, and at the same time with her right arm and hand raised with the index finger in a childlike way pointing upward heavenward. The other arm and hand was stretched out in a downward direction as if toward suffering humanity, appealing and yet joyously all in spiritual purity and adoration."

In a letter to Mr. Gilman, referring to the picture "Christian Science Healing," she wrote:

Mr. Gilman,

My dear friend:

Do you know what you have done for yourself, for mankind, for our Cause? No, you do not, perhaps, but I will tell you. You illustrated and interpreted my life on the plate that you sent me. "

As Mrs. Eddy once stated, "I am the unresisting channel through which Love shines with its full healing force."

Speaking of the pictures in Christ and Christmas, Mrs. Eddy told the artist, "Now carry out these designs with all the skill of an artist and my story is told in Christian Science, the new story of Christ, and the world will feel its renovating influence."

This bearded old man [in the bed,] symbolizes tired manhood getting ready to give up its false pleasures and pains. He is leaving medicine behind, and will no longer rely upon materiality to temporarily salve his wounds.

Medicine cannot enter the healing work, and you are not a good practitioner if you advise its use, nor a good patient if you use it. You exclude yourself from Christian Science healing if you use it. Notice that his hand is not touching hers, and that is the nature of impersonal Christian Science healing.

Gilman relates, "When she was looking at some of the sketched designs, she laughingly said upon looking at the sketch of the face of the sick man who she was represented as healing, 'There! That man looks just as if he was determined I should not heal him." The old man, tired humanity, cannot resist the loving presence of the healing Christ.

Our dear Leader has already lifted womanhood out of its chair, out of worry for a loved one, into active prayer. You will notice that womanhood is in the light, but manhood is part in and part out. This is much the same as in the picture "Christ Healing" [picture two]. This picture however is far more active than "Christ Healing." The entrance for Truth is wide in this picture, and it symbolizes an actual statement of the thinking of the world. The time has come. Her ear is uncovered, and she is listening for divine direction, the still small voice; and she is also listening for the call of humanity for help.

This picture is coupled with no other picture. It is the center picture. Only by recognizing Mrs. Eddy's place, can we effectively heal in Christian Science. Only by recognizing Mrs. Eddy's place, can Sharon's rose bud and bloom the Church prosper and grow among humanity. This picture includes her life and light.

The white robe that she wears is typical of the Christ robe, or Christ-consciousness, without seam or rent. Note how it trails under the bedding to the floor. The white line near the foot of the bed is the continuation of her robe and symbolizes her thought reaching the foundation of sickness and destroying sin. She is destroying animal magnetism and not the symptom. She is bruising the serpent's [old theology's] head. Malicious animal magnetism in its many phases is being handled by Mary Baker Eddy. As Christian Scientists, we realize that Mary Baker Eddy handled every form of sin thrust upon her. The darkness between the robe and her body is the world's problems and sins that she has taken in to heal, but which are not weighing her down as a dark robe would represent. Notice the Christ light about her head showing clearly that she is God's anointed one. [We will grow spiritually] by acknowledging her place, which naturally brings healing and naturally destroys the claims of malicious animal magnetism according to the law of divine Science.

The floor in this picture is the dissolving of the claims of ecclesiastic despotism from the black and white tiles in Truth vs. Error (tenth picture) to vague mingling of black and white. Thus error's foundation is being destroyed (dissolved) through the light of Truth. She writes, "The Babylonish woman in the Apocalypse has thrown wormwood into the waters to turn trusting thoughts to hatred against me, the idea; handle this and you will find your patients healed." Again, "Christian Scientists must work daily to annul the prayers of the unrighteous, those who unrighteously pray that Christian Science prayers cannot heal the sick." [Mrs. Eddy has nearly 50 references to "daily" in Prose Works alone.]

As Elijah passed his mantle on to Elisha, so did Jesus pass his robe on to Mary Baker Eddy, and with it a double portion.

The Two Witnesses ascended up to heaven in the last verse of chapter eleven of Revelation. Picture number five portrays this. Chapter twelve of Revelation starts with the mission of the Woman God-crowned. This picture portrays chapter twelve of Revelation. The Woman in prayer [looking heavenward] in "Christian Science Healing" symbolizes the fulfillment of the twelfth chapter of Revelation, and symbolizes that this is woman's hour; she has taken the lead. She is the Leader.

The picture "Christian Science Healing," portrays a threefold treatment, perfect Father-Mother, perfect Son, perfect Holy Ghost [Science]. Without a recognition and appreciation of the Holy Ghost, divine Science or Christian Science, in our healing work, we will not find healing.

The bed in this picture is made out of brass. The figurative meaning of brass is insensibility, baseness, and presumption or obstinacy in sin. There must be a clear recognition of the sin in order to heal it. Sin will not recognize our Leader, and sin does not want to be uncovered and healed. This picture shows that Mrs. Eddy worked tirelessly to take false manhood away from this claim of malicious animal magnetism [hypnotism, error, illusion]. That work enabled her to build her Church.

In Retrospection and Introspection, she states, "Nothing except sin, in the students themselves, can separate them from me." (p. 81)

Mrs. Eddy wrote, "I am amazed when I see how little Christian Science healing is done. So much is faith healing, little more." And again, "Unless we have better healers and more of this work than any other is done, our Cause will not stand and having done all stand. Demonstration is the whole of Christian Science, nothing else proves it, nothing else will save it and continue it with us. God has said this and Christ Jesus has proved it." [Healing in Christian Science is always a case of: "Physician, heal thyself": there is nothing "out there," since "God is All." When a patient calls, the practitioner must heal himself of the belief that there is error lurking somewhere. When the practitioner heals himself of the belief that there is evil, the patient is healed, since there is only one Mind, only one "I." When we don't permanently heal ourselves, the healing is merely "faith healing."]


In this illustration we see the healer flooded with the light from the star. All Christian Science healing comes from the light of the star of Boston. Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health: "This light is not from the sun nor from volcanic flames, but it is the revelation of Truth and of spiritual ideas" (504:9-11). "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk" (Acts 3:6). "God was made manifest in the flesh" (I Tim. 3:16). All true Christian Science healing is God made manifest in the flesh.

Here we see the healer with eyes looking upward and with uplifted hand. The mortal-mind helper is looking down to matter. We note that materia medica has been discarded, for the medicines are behind the patient. In this we see old belief leaving the bed medicine is behind him. The white curtains, representing the first degree, are drawn back, and light coming through brings the theological thought in the home to a state of prayer.

Note the picture on the wall "Breaking through the clouds." The woman's white robe represents understanding. It reaches the base of the bed, symbolizing her thought reaching the foundation of reality "the omnipresence of present perfection."

 Due to the Rector's illness, Wednesday's healing service will be discontinued until further notice.


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