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Star of Boston: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy by Helen M. Wright

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Dear reader, we have now come to the end of this book. We have seen the marvelous, illumined life of our Leader as it was prophesied by Isaiah 54, and as it is unfolded for us in the chapter, Atonement and Eucharist, and throughout her poem, Christ and Christmas.

Why is its record important to you?

Because it is not only the story of Mrs. Eddy's life; it also tells the truth about you. Anything that is true about Mary Baker Eddy and about Jesus is, in reality, also true about you.

Mrs. Eddy, the highest expression of the divine idea in human form since Christ Jesus, lived a divinely mental lifeinfinitely above just a bodily form of existence. Her history is a holy one. She followed Christ in all she did, wrote, and taught, and the love, the spiritual purity and selflessness that motivated her gave her great wisdom. Therefore it is safe to follow her as our forever Leader.

Mrs. Eddy spent forty-four years endeavoring to open the eyes of men to their present divinity. The world was little ready for the divine revelation she was giving it, for only spiritualized thought can perceive spirituality. Few understood what the enemy was, or what she taught regarding it.

But this understanding will come. Because of Mary Baker Eddy's teaching, every individual is destined to learn he is Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, and that his body consists of qualities and attributes of these seven synonyms for God. You are incorporeal, divine, but always spiritually tangible and recognizable as were Moses and Elias at the transfiguration scene. The you that we see is the tangible, visible expression of your invisible Mind, Spirit, Soul, the Principle that you are.

There is nothing the carnal mind resists more relentlessly than the truth, which robs it of its power to procreate. But, once chastity and purity are enthroned, the carnal mind's power to maintain itself through corporeal creationthrough human birthwill vanish. "Mankind is face to face with the last enemy, human birth," Mrs. Eddy said, "and knows it not." (Preserved by Gilbert Carpenter, Sr.)

"The real you," Mrs. Eddy said, "never had a material conception or birth. The real you was not born of the flesh, of mortal mind, illusion, and is not the reflection of mortal beliefs. Your true identity has always been the 'I am that I am'the I AM that God is."

The you that we see is the visible expression of the invisible youyour invisible Mind, Spirit, Soul, the Principle expressed as the visible you.

In Science of Man, answering the question: "What is man?" Mrs. Eddy wrote:

"You are not man or woman, you are the Soul [true identity, the Ego, spiritual understandingyou are the Principle, which is Mind, Spirit, Soul, as one, expressing itself as Life, Truth, and Love]; and that which is called man, are the shadows and ideas of you." Mrs. Eddy had just previously said: "You will please remember as the leading points in Science, that man has neither substance nor intelligence, that these belong to Soul [a synonym for God"the kingdom of God within you, your real Mind and divine consciousness] and that Soul reflects itself in man; therefore man is the reflex shadow of the Soul [of spiritual understanding] and borrows all substance, intelligence, and life from the Soul [your true divine 'I' or Ego]." In the first edition of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy tells us many times that we are Soul.

We learn in Science that spiritual facts have always been; they never were created, just as 2x2=4 never was created; it has always existed.

How The Healing Is Done

When an individual seeks help from a spiritual healer, the healer is now the patient; as the Bible says, "Physician, heal thyself." So the healer turns to God, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love, and knows that all that God, (infinite good,) is, man is. God, (infinite good) constitutes man's being; "man is the expression of God's being" (S&H 470:23), just as the sunbeam is an expression of the sun or is the sun itself expressed. This is why Jesus could say: "When thou seest me thou seest Him that sent me." So when we see man, we see God or you, the creative Principle expressing itself. And, we should heal as quickly as a mathematician heals 2x2=5, meaning instantly. This is why early practitioners who understood the teachings of Mrs. Eddy sometimes had 100 patients a day and healed them all.

When the practitioner realizes this, it stops the curse of universal malpractice from operating. It stops the malpractice that says you are a mortal born of the fleshthis is the malediction laid on every human being. Universally we ascribe to ourselves the sins of the carnal mind. When this universal malpractice is removed we see only God's presence.

No matter what error is presenting to us, as practitioners, it is always a matter of "physician, heal thyself." "Error comes to us for life," Mrs. Eddy said, "and we give it all the life it has." We are never face to face with anything except our own ignorance of truth or our understanding of truth. If we miscalculate in arithmetic it doesn't change mathematical reality.

If the hypnotism of the five physical senses causes us to see matter, corporeal bodies, sin, disease, death, we must instantly know that these are not real entities with "life, truth, intelligence [or] substance in matter" (S&H 468:9); and we must know that we are dealing only with our own consciousness, where, in reality, "All is infinite Mind [our Mind], and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all" (ibid). All we ever need, when anyone calls for helpas Mrs. Eddy is telling us hereIS TO CORRECT OUR OWN THINKING. When we "behold in Science the perfect man," then the monstrous lie that we are corporeal bodies instead of divine, spiritual consciousness alone, dies out because it never was other than hypnotic suggestion, illusion. "And by his stripes (his struggle to know the truth about all mankind) ye were healed." Remember, "The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and with the reality of things=" (Mess. '01. 20:8). There is nothing "out there" to heal. Even the physical scientists today see that there is no matter, that all is consciousness.

"Objects of sense, when correctly understood, are really ideas of Soul. There are not two groups of creation," Mrs. Eddy told Martha Wilcox, after explaining to her that "when a sense of personality rises up before our thought and makes us think it is something outside and separate from our thought, we must see it is all WITHIN OUR THOUGHT. If it wasn't, we could not heal a single case. If it wasn't mental; if it wasn't something within our thought, we would have no dominion over it." When "I" know that a patient is God's presence, that knowing is oneness with God; and one with God is a majority.

"This supposititious mortal mind," Mrs. Eddy said, "outlines itself as a belief [illusion] of material personality, with form and conditions, and laws and circumstancesin fact, with all the phenomena that are embraced in what is called material life and personality" (DCC p.200). Then she said that not one solitary thing in this whole fabric of supposititious evil is true, and it is up to us to detect that all these mental phenomena are only aggressive mental suggestions coming to us for us to adopt them as our own thought. She said that error comes to us for life and we give it all the life it has.

Our instant reaction to error should be, "God is the only power, the only presence. I am a divine being, now, here; so "get thee behind me, Satan [hypnotic suggestion]."

Understanding is the hinge on which everything turns. Infinite good's creation consists of qualities and formations of divine character which include every spiritual quality and attribute of the Mind that is Love. Once you spiritually understand this, you will no longer believe the lie that you live in a physical body, or have a material personality; but you will realize you have a divinely mental individuality, a spiritual identity, having the consciousness only of good. The time is coming when that "manner of love which the Father hath bestowed upon [you]" (I John 3:1) will be realized. You will then know that the infinite Mind that is God is your Mind; that divine intelligence, infinite good, is your substance, and Love is your Principle.

In everything Mrs. Eddy wrote, it was always your Lifeomnipresent, divine Lifethat she was talking about. Mrs. Eddy wanted us to see: "I don't have to pray to God for Life, I am Life. I don't have to pray to God for Truth, I am Truth. I don't have to pray to God for Love, I am Love. Jesus proved this, and everything Jesus was we are. He was our example. Mary Baker Eddy wanted you to see that the "I" of you is God. She wanted you to turn to this "I," the kingdom of God within your own consciousness, and listen for its voice so that it can reveal itself to youREVEAL TO YOU YOUR DIVINITY. When this "I" within you speaks, error disappears because it was never there, just as in mathematics, when you comprehend 2x2=4, then 2x2=5 disappears because it was never there. Error is never anything but illusion, hypnotic suggestion.

The vast human illusion constituting the human or mortal mind can only be dissolved by the light of spiritual understandingthe knowledge that "Love alone is Life," and Love constitutes our being.

Once this light of divine understanding comes to us, we must continue to study and learn, so that we can see this light embracing all others. No matter what the cost, "sell all thou hast" and pay the pricepay the price of watching every thought. Moses, the prophets, Jesus, the apostles, and Mary Baker Eddy are our examples. Only by watching our thinking to see that it is in accord with reality, do we learn our oneness with infinite good, and realize our "present ownership of all good" (My 356:1).

Death is powerless against a correct understanding of the "I" that is God, the "I" that you are"the kingdom of God within you." This "I" that you are "will never leave you nor forsake you."

Because the kingdom of God is within you, all know-ledge of music, mathematics, and every other subject IS ALREADY WITHIN YOU. This tells you that you do not learn anything from a book. If you want to learn music or mathematics, you culture your sense of these subjects, you practice what you learn, as you learn it. To a person who knows nothing of arithmetic, giving him a book on that subject would mean nothing to him. But as he step by step begins to learn that 2x2=4, and keeps learning, he step by step can become a mathematician. He can become a mathematician because all of mathematics is already within him. It is the same with music. To give someone who knows nothing of music a Beethoven score, would mean nothing to him; but if he has a deep desire to learn, he can become a musician. It is the same with learning our divinity, our God-being. Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things [the ability, finally, to do what Jesus did] shall be added unto you." This is why Mrs. Eddy has many references to "learn,""learning." and to "practice."

Christian Science has come to reveal heaven: "Thy kingdom is come: Thou art ever-present" (S&H 16:31)I am come; my kingdom of heaven is within me. I am the temple of the living God. The plane we are now on is the only plane. Therefore, "Awake, thou that sleepest, arise from the dead; and Christ shall give thee light."*

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God," the Principle of all being. This "Principle" of all being is the "I or Ego" (S&H 588:9-11) of each individual. "There is but one "I or Us," Mrs. Eddy taught. There can be no "Us" unless one sees himself as the One that is one with God. It is only because this "I" is the I of everyone that there can be spiritual oneness. This is also the reason healing can take place, because as the practitioner sees the truth for his own "I," he sees it also for your "I" since there is only one "I." "I am that I am," and that "I" is the I of all, of everyone. This is why the Bible says, "Physician, heal thyself," and why "one on God's side is a majority."

It is your "I," your consciousness, that is God. And out of this divine consciousness which you areas you go to the kingdom of God withinflows spiritual understanding. Today you are gaining the realization of it through an understanding of the Science, the "Comforter" Jesus promised, the Second Coming of the Christ which Mary Baker Eddy brought in her writings.

"The hour is come, the bride (Word) is adorned" (My. 125:26). "Come hither," the revelator urges, "I will show thee the bride, the Lamb's wife." (Rev. xxi:9). "Come hither!" Mrs. Eddy repeats, "Arise from your false consciousness into the true sense of Love, and behold the Lamb's wife,Love wedded to its own spiritual idea" (S&H 575:1-3).

What is the spiritual idea that the bridethe Word (the teaching that Mary Baker Eddy brought in the Second Coming of the Christ) is wedded to? It is wedded to the spiritual understanding of all Mary Baker Eddy has written in the Second Coming of the Christ, which includes the teach ings of Christ Jesus. Then, as a result of this spiritual understanding, "cometh the marriage feast [your marriage to Life, Truth, and Love, where you find you are Life, Truth, and Love, bodiless bliss], for this revelation will destroy forever the physical plagues imposed by material sense [by universal hypnotic suggestion]" (S&H 575:4).

Mrs. Eddy writes: "Had we the understanding of our God-being or the omnipotence of Truth, we should have no fear of matter [illusion], and having none, our bodies would become harmonious and immortal; a belief of Substance-matter would then give place to the understanding of Substance-Spirit, for the spiritual body is the only real one, and tangible as the material."

What is this "Substance-Spirit" that Mrs. Eddy speaks of, and that St. Paul says is "freely given to us of God" (I Cor. 2:11-12)? This "Substance-Spirit" is "our present ownership of all good" (My. 356:1). God [infinite good] has freely given us all that God (Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love) is. Our work is to let this great truth awaken us to a spiritual understanding of All good that is ours HERE AND NOW.

 Don't let worry kill you off--let the church help.


Mrs. Eddy, as she looked about the time of her last class in 1898.


 The concert held in Fellowship Hall was a great success. Special thanks are due to the minister's daughter, who labored the whole evening at the piano, which as usual fell upon her.

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