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  Helen M. Wright
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Helen M. Wright portrait

Helen M. Wright

Helen Marie Wright came in contact with Christian Science at the age of six when she witnessed wonderful healings in Christian Science. She saw her mother healed of blindness and her father healed of a disease that his doctors said was fatal, giving him only a few months to live. These healings made a profound impact on Mrs. Wright at a very young age.

Helen Wright devoted her life to the study of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and to living and demonstrating Christian Science. She was always ready and prepared to travel the world to meet and study with other Christian Scientists who were doing important work for the Cause. She was at one time a Journal-listed practitioner and is known for her prolific writing on Christian Science. Helen and her husband William Wright are the founders of the Mary Baker Eddy Science Institute (see About page). They were among the first to start a website on Christian Science.

Reminiscences of Helen M. Wright by Jack V. Scarola      PDF Scan Download - 2 pages
Study of Seven Synonyms
Helen M. Wright gained a deep apprehension of the seven synonymous terms for God through her thorough study which is clearly reflected in many of her writings. On the following page one can find scans of her underlining the seven synonyms in separate copies of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Seven Synonyms Index
Mary Baker Eddy wrote: "For the world to understand me in my true light and life, would do more for our Cause than aught else could. This I learn from the fact that the enemy tries harder to hide these two things from the world than to win any other points." (See Divinity Course and General Collectanea, compiled by Richard F. Oakes, p. 112)

All of Helen Wright's writings are permeated with the desire to understand and show Mary Baker Eddy in her true light and life. She does this not by recording the historical events as many biographies on Mrs. Eddy have done, but by looking at Mrs. Eddy's teachings and writings in combination with the teachings and prophesies in the Bible.

Many of Helen Wright's books have been read by Alan Young, past Christian Science lecturer and well known actor and comedian. He has shown great appreciation for Helen Wright's writings. He wrote: "... She [Helen Wright] has the greatest and clearest insight into the life of Mary Baker Eddy that I have ever seen. ... The author is careful never to inject herself of her opinions but presents a careful and deep presentation of Mrs. Eddy's divine inspiration. ..." (from back cover of Made Whole by Helen Wright). His recordings are available below in MP3 format.
All the books of Helen Wright are available below for download in PDF format and several as audio recordings by Alan Young in MP3 format. Many of these books are still available in hard copy from the Institute. We very much appreciate donations to cover shipping and printing costs. Please contact us for your requests.
Six Volumes Series
In the first edition of Science and Health (1875) Mary Baker Eddy shared with the world the spiritual light that was revealed to her. Many editions later she referred to it as "The Precious Volume" (Ret. 37:2). Much can be learned from going back to this "Precious Volume". In each book of the following series, Helen Wright focuses primarily on each of the first six chapters of the first edition of Science and Health. The seventh volume refers to the last edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and concludes the series. These books show a deep and abiding love, reverence and gratitude for Mary Baker Eddy, who brought the Second Coming of the Christ, the "Comforter," in a textbook that reveals your divinity and oneness with God, infinite good. (see John 14)
1 Mary Baker Eddy: God's Great Scientist , Volume I 1984 Helen M. Wright

Volume I sets the stage by looking at Mrs. Eddy's extraordinary, vital early teaching – before Science and Health was written – which enabled her students to go forth and heal every manner of disease and discord. Then the book delves into Chapter I of the first edition of Science and Health called "Natural Science", which reveals the all-knowing, all-power of Mind – the all-knowing, all-power that is the true and real Mind of the reader when he has gained understanding. All Mrs. Eddy's works show our only need is to gain the God-character – to be Love – be nothing but Love.

1995, second printing     PDF Scan Download - 279 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/8 - 30:15     MP3 2/8 - 31:35     MP3 3/8 - 30:55     MP3 4/8 - 31:03    

MP3 5/8 - 31:43     MP3 6/8 - 30:00     MP3 7/8 - 31:14     MP3 8/8 - 26:23
2 Mary Baker Eddy: God's Great Scientist , Volume II 1984 Helen M. Wright

Volume II takes up the marvelous statements of Chapter II of the first edition of Science and Health called "Imposition and Demonstration". This describes both the imposition of the carnal mind and our infinite possibilities as we learn that our own right Mind is God and that Mind is Love.

1996, second edition     PDF Scan Download - 143 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/8 - 37:06     MP3 2/8 - 37:12     MP3 3/8 - 37:20     MP3 4/8 - 37:30

MP3 5/8 - 36:50     MP3 6/8 - 36:55     MP3 7/8 - 37:13     MP3 /8 - 20:07

3 Mary Baker Eddy: God's Great Scientist , Volume III 1987 Helen M. Wright

Volume III focuses on Chapter III of the first edition of Science and Health, "Spirit and Matter", which proclaims: Spirit is All; matter is illusion. It examines this core teaching which leads us out of materiality, translating human consciousness from matter beliefs back into Spirit, showing us our true and right God-being and identity, and helping us understand that our identity is Love – Love made visible.

PDF Scan Download - 277 pages
4 Mary Baker Eddy Reveals Your Divinity , Volume IV 1991 Helen M. Wright

This book reveals the "kingdom within" that brings healing revelations of Truth to consciousness. It lifts the veil (the mesmerism of the five physical senses) that hides the divinity of the reader himself. The reader becomes fully aware that "the kingdom of God is within [him]" – is his own spiritual consciousness, needing only spiritual education to reveal to him this great truth that will set him free to enjoy his infinite harmonious Christ-expressing selfhood – the selfhood that is Love. This book concentrates on "Creation", Chapter IV of the first edition of Science and Health, while also expounding on the essential principles found in the first three chapters.

PDF Scan Download - 271 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/12 - 47:23     MP3 2/12 - 31:49     MP3 3/12 - 44:33     MP3 4/12 - 43:58   

MP3 5/12 - 43:42     MP3 6/12 - 43:46     MP3 7/12 - 43:43     MP3 8/12 - 44:04

MP3 9/12 - 43:33     MP3 10/12 - 47:02     MP3 11/12 - 47:19     MP3 12/12 - 45:40
5 Humanity's Divinity , Volume V 1994 Helen M. Wright

In Humanity's Divinity Mrs. Wright uses "Atonement and Eucharist", the fifth chapter of the first edition of Science and Health, to illumine Mrs. Eddy's teachings. It explores our understanding of the "Kingdom within" and lifts the veil of matter and loosens earth's ties to reveal the harmony of heaven, here and now. As we become aware that evil is only hypnotic suggestion, totally without reality, we will be able to demonstrate the allness and onliness of the Infinite Good called God.

This book shows how important it is to see Mary Baker Eddy in her true light as can be found in Bible Prophecy. Mary Baker Eddy can never be seen separated from the Science she brought. With her place assured in our hearts a new day will dawn. Nothing can then hold back the tide of change ushered in by the understanding that God is our own real Mind. Then "mind will no longer grovel at the feet of matter" (Mary Baker Eddy).

PDF Scan Download - 329 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/12 - 36:14     MP3 2/12 - 37:14     MP3 3/12 - 38:02     MP3 4/12 - 38:01    

MP3 5/12 - 38:02     MP3 6/12 - 38:11     MP3 7/12 - 35:25     MP3 8/12 - 37:36    

MP3 9/12 - 35:06     MP3 10/12 - 36:46     MP3 11/12 - 36:04     MP3 12/12 - 13:34    
6 Made Whole Through Our Marriage To God , Volume VI 1996 Helen M. Wright

The sixth volume delves into "Marriage", the sixth chapter of the first edition of Science and Health. Made Whole teaches what Mrs. Eddy taught concerning our divine and our human marriage; and how we make ourselves "the Son of God," as Jesus did. It looks into the call from the Scriptures of I John 3:2 to become what we already are.

PDF Scan Download - 347 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/14 - 43:56     MP3 2/14 - 44:38     MP3 3/14 - 44:24     MP3 4/14 - 44:07     MP3 5/14 - 42:52    

MP3 6/14 - 43:09     MP3 7/14 - 43:01     MP3 8/14 - 44:33     MP3 9/14 - 44:41     MP3 10/14 - 42:48    

MP3 11/14 - 44:20     MP3 12/14 - 44:15     MP3 13/14 - 43:00     MP3 14/14 - 29:54    
7 Your Divinity Revealed: The Seven-fold Nature of Your Being , Volume VII 1999 Helen M. Wright

Your Divinity Revealed, the seventh and last volume of this series, culminates into the science of Christian Science of the last (1910) edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. With a brief history of the pioneering work of John Doorly and Max Kappeler the reader comes into a full appreciation of what these pioneers painstakingly researched and prayerfully considered in their exploration of Mrs. Eddy's textbook. The seven synonyms defining God in the Glossary constitute the basis for this system as applied through the four levels – Christian Science, absolute Christian Science, divine Science, and Science itself. Seen through the Word, Christ, Christianity and divine Science, this "system" that Mary Baker Eddy "hid" once again comes to life for the reader.

PDF Scan Download - 596 pages
Other Publications
8 Mary Baker Eddy: A New Look 1980 Helen M. Wright

"Mary Baker Eddy: A New Look At Her Place in Bible Prophecy (And Its Deep Meaning For These Crisis-Ridden Times)". This book uncovers the daring truths taught by Mary Baker Eddy which give the solution to the problems of these troubled times. She challenges the whole cycle of birth and death. Material creation is discovered as illusion, and evil as unreal. Mrs. Eddy's conviction that man starts form God and has always been inherently perfect opens new vistas of man's power and freedom. Mrs. Eddy's primary commitment was to the sharing of a vision of ultimate reality.

Helen Wright's book grows out of weekly discussions held over 20 years with seekers and inquirers into Christian Science. From these discussions emerges a new vision of Mary Baker Eddy and her teachings. Seen as the woman of the Apocalypse, she is a completion of the Christian prophecy found in the book of Revelation.

PDF Scan Download - 396 pages
9 Mary Baker Eddy's Manual and Church Triumphant and Universal 1981 Helen M. Wright

Mrs. Wright penetratingly illumines the book Mary Baker Eddy considered second only to Science and Health in importance. Mrs. Eddy told her students: "The Manual will save the cause;" and wrote: "Eternity awaits our Church Manual" This book shows how the Manual was carefully designed to bring to view the Church Universal & Triumphant, and through it, the spiritual salvation of the human race. (My. 230:2)

1981, first edition          PDF Scan Download - 354 pages

2000, internet edition     PDF Text Download - 124 pages
10 If Mary Baker Eddy's Manual were obeyed 1984 Helen M. Wright

In it's third edition, this book shows how the Christian Science movement's decline can be traced directly to the church's failure to obey Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual. Mrs. Eddy insisted that her Church Manual be obeyed as written, since "it was dictated by God just as was Science and Health." This book examines the intent of Mrs. Eddy's carefully detailed instructions; it exposes the continuing willful disobedience to them, discusses ongoing efforts to challenge the ecclesiasticism that has wreaked such havoc, and shows what is needed to get the movement "back on track."

1989, third enlarged edition     PDF Scan Download - 326 pages    

1984, Dutch translation: Indien de Kerkhandleiding van Mary Baker Eddy gehoorzaamd werd     

PDF Scan Download - 194 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/8 - 43:19     MP3 2/8 - 44:39     MP3 3/8 - 46:34     MP3 4/8 - 46:31    

MP3 5/8 - 45:20     MP3 6/8 - 44:46     MP3 7/8 - 46:34     MP3 8/8 - 04:42    
11 America: Cradle for the Second Coming of Christ 1987 Helen M. Wright

This is a timeless book showing the spiritual significance and destiny of America as it relates to the revelation of Christian Science. Beginning with Columbus, the author shows how spiritual vision and guidance led men and women of courage and faith to create a nation that would open the way for the Second Coming of the Christ. The book shows how God controls history, and how it is love for God and man that advances civilization. People of all denominations have expressed gratitude and love for this book.

1999, second edition      PDF Scan Download - 222 pages

2000, internet edition     PDF Text Download - 105 pages   

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/7 - 37:47     MP3 2/7 - 37:59     MP3 3/7 - 38:02     MP3 4/7 - 36:28    

MP3 5/7 - 36:42     MP3 6/7 - 37:51     MP3 7/7 - 36:41    
12 Mary Baker Eddy: Leader Forever 1992 Helen M. Wright

This booklet, is of signal interest to all thinking Christian Scientists. It reveals clear insights into the God-inspired instructions Mary Baker Eddy left us in her Church Manual. It focuses on the issues of vital importance to all Christian Scientists today concerned about the future prosperity of the cause of Christian Science. Published in two versions: a 46 page booklet, and the original 112 page version.

1992, second edition     PDF Scan Download - 112 pages

Read by Alan Young

MP3 1/8 - 18:13     MP3 2/8 - 18:23     MP3 3/8 - 18:45     MP3 4/8 - 18:25    

MP3 5/8 - 20:32     MP3 6/8 - 20:13     MP3 7/8 - 20:50     MP3 8/8 - 20:52    
13 Star of Boston: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy 1998 Helen M. Wright

Star of Boston by Helen Wright - coverThis remarkable book plumbs the breadth and significance of Mary Baker Eddy's incomparable life-work in a way no other biography has done. Understand the historical impact of a life in fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy of Isaiah, chapter 54. See how Mrs. Eddy's life is related throughout the inspired pictorial poem, Christ & Christmas. How does "Atonement and Eucharist" in Science and Health relate to Mrs. Eddy's life, as it most certainly does to our beloved Master's? This book will awaken in the spiritually-minded reader a deep appreciation of this unique woman, destined from the foundations of the world to bless humanity with the "Comforter" of which Jesus promised.

1998, first edition           PDF Scan Download - 269 pages

2000, internet edition     PDF Text Download - 155 pages
14 The Mary Baker Eddy Institute Letters   Helen M. Wright
Helen Wright has brought together the first twelve of her Letters mailed to Christian Scientists, in a book. These letters contain insights to Mary Baker Eddy's teachings, straight talk about Mrs. Eddy's Church Manual and even a section for children. The last Letter introduces the reader to the study of the "system" of Christian Science, pioneered by John Doorly and Max Kappeler.

Coming later
Unpublished Manuscript
15 Alice L. Orgain: Christian Scientist   Helen M. Wright

Helen Wright studied carefully the publications of Alice Orgain. Reading Orgain's work is a challenge to many, but Helen saw its tremendous value. This manuscript of over 300 pages was devoted to the work of Alice L. Orgain. The manuscript was left unfinished. In this document we present an article that was published by The Individual Christian Scientist that contains an excerpt from this manuscript, accompanied with a short introduction on both Alice L. Orgain and Helen M. Wright.

PDF Text Download - 18 pages
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