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  The Blue Book - Divinity Course  
Blue Book - Compilation of Notes, Instructions and Quotations of Mary Baker Eddy by Divinity Course Students in the Her Household - 1964 - 303 pages + 24 MP'3 through Chapter 3 Richard F. Oakes
1 From the Complier:
Readers .... may find it interesting to look at the Church Manual of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, by Mary Baker Eddy-to the pages (67-9) where she specifies the arrangements for the call of workers to her home. It is indicated that some of them would be taught 'the course in Divinity' and would be required to pay for their instruction in the event of their leaving her before the term of service was completed. Several of the students in her home took notes of what was referred to as the Divinity Course, and they and many others kept notes of other unrelated items of instruction given in the home, together with the text of specific work they were required to do, or of 'watches' they were required to keep. It is the aim of this compilation to preserve as much of this as possible.

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  The Red Book  
Red Book - Essays and Other Footprints Left by Mary Baker Eddy - 293 pages   Richard F. Oakes
2 The purpose of this volume is to draw attention to some of the lesser-known footprints which Mrs. Eddy left for us-footprints which she described as ‘fadeless’. Also included are several essays and Bible lessons that must have been likewise ‘left to the providence of God’ (Mis. 100: 1). .

In the presentation of the articles here assembled, the main consideration has been whether they are fundamentally true or not. The Mama1 very properly warns against the publication of strictly private communications from Mrs. Eddy without her written consent. Apart from the lack of wisdom in expecting to find Truth under cover of personal sense, a private communication is of little value unless the full reason, context and occasion are established. If the right thing done at the wrong moment ceases to be right, so does a truth fail when related to the wrong circumstances. On the other hand universal Truth is always Truth. It is the monopoly of no person.  It will include specific examples, but only as a direct emanation from the stated Truth. Moreover, if a statement is true, it will be found in some form in Science and Health, the full and final revelation to this age, and can be verified there. So far as these essays and articles restate and reillustrate the ‘old, old story’ they will further the work of Science and Health and heighten its meaning. If the reader can see the operative Principle back of Mrs. Eddy’s words, he will also see that he is the ‘member of her Church’ to whom the communication has been made; and if God and he are thus in communion, who else is there to be informed? ‘The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and with the reality of things’ (‘01 20: 8).

"The Red Book - Essays and Other Footprints Left by Mary Baker Eddy" - 293 pages
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  The Red  Book - Essays and Other Footprints
  "The Red Book - Essays and Other Footprints Left by Mary Baker Eddy" -Index 3 pages
  The Red  Book - Essays and Other Footprints - Index
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