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Richard F. Oakes
The Story of the Chicago Addresses of Mary Baker Eddy
Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

The "uses and abuses" of organization as elucidated in the Story of the Chicago Addresses of Mary Baker Eddy

Chapter I  The story of the Chicago Addresses
Chapter II  The momentous events between the two addresses
Chapter III  Mrs. Eddy's own example
Chapter IV  The students become involved

PDF Scan Download - 74 pages   Revised edition 1988 (original 1949)

Discerning the Rights of Man
By Richard F. Oakes

An appreciation of the Revelator's complete record and example and their consistency with the revelation of Christian Science.

PDF Text Download - 56  pages   1971: reprinted by Plainfield Christian Science Church Independent

PDF Scan Download - 27 pages   Revised edition 1994

Divinity Course and General Collectanea
of items by and about Mary Baker Eddy
a.k.a. the Blue Book
Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Foreword – "... Several of the students in her [Mary Baker Eddy's] home took notes of what was referred to as the Divinity Course, and they and many others kept notes of other unrelated items of instruction given in the home, together with the text of specific work they were required to do, or of ‘watches’ they were required to keep. It is the aim of this compilation to preserve as much of this as possible.

"Students’ notes have for a long time had an unverified circulation among Christian Scientists; and it was in the hope of preserving at least one version of the Divinity Course in the form in which it was taken down by the original hearer that Gilbert Carpenter Jr. privately printed the Lida Fitzpatrick notes in 1933 and entrusted two copies to the Congressional Library in Washington. This version, probably the fullest and most authentic obtained, was granted a copyright in 1933 in the name of one claiming ownership, but the copyright expired unrenewed.

"In 1950 Mr. Carpenter further gathered together a miscellaneous collection of Watches, Prayers, Arguments given by Mrs. Eddy either verbally or in writing to members of her household. Some of these were given direct to his father while the latter served Mrs. Eddy as assistant secretary in 1905-6; in the case of others the original recipient is often not known."

Index page for all related to this compilation: PDF scan, concordance, concordant index and MP3 audio recordings of this compilation:

The Blue Book - Index

Essays and Other Footprints left by Mary Baker Eddy
a.k.a. the Red Book
Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Foreword – "The purpose of this volume is to draw attention to some of the lesser-known footprints which Mrs. Eddy left for us-footprints which she described as ‘fadeless’. Also included are several essays and Bible lessons that must have been likewise ‘left to the providence of God’ (Mis. 100: 1).

"In the presentation of the articles here assembled, the main consideration has been whether they are fundamentally true or not. The Mama1 very properly warns against the publication of strictly private communications from Mrs. Eddy without her written consent. Apart from the lack of wisdom in expecting to find Truth under cover of personal sense, a private communication is of little value unless the full reason, context and occasion are established. If the right thing done at the wrong moment ceases to be right, so does a truth fail when related to the wrong circumstances. On the other hand universal Truth is always Truth. It is the monopoly of no person.  It will include specific examples, but only as a direct emanation from the stated Truth. Moreover, if a statement is true, it will be found in some form in Science and Health, the full and final revelation to this age, and can be verified there. So far as these essays and articles restate and reillustrate the ‘old, old story’ they will further the work of Science and Health and heighten its meaning. If the reader can see the operative Principle back of Mrs. Eddy’s words, he will also see that he is the ‘member of her Church’ to whom the communication has been made; and if God and he are thus in communion, who else is there to be informed? ‘The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and with the reality of things’ (‘01 20: 8)."

PDF Scan/Text Download - 296 pages

Mary Baker Eddy's Published Writings
(in addition to those in "Prose Works")
a.k.a. the Yellow Book
Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Complete Record of Messages, Recommendations, Corrections, Endorsements, Interviews, as given in her periodicals (1895-1910) with Context and precise references for those whose text is in Prose Works, Science and Health, or the Church Manual and therefore not repeated here. (Includes an Appendix giving the full text of all Mrs. Eddy's major reviews).

PDF Scan Download - 588 pages    (Note: some pages are missing and will be included later.)

Mary Baker Eddy's Six Days of Revelation
a.k.a. the Green Book
Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Showing the development of Christian Science from "Let there be light" to "Let us make man in our image" and using 1862-94 as a timed illustration of that which is timeless.

Note to the reader – "In brief, the story is presenting an idea
developing in line with a principle, much as a rosebud expands with continuing perfection into a full-blown flower in line with its own immutable law of plant unfoldment. In the case of Christian Science, this principle can be openly identified with the one and only universal Principle often called God. Its development is not unique in time but corresponds to the timeless unfoldment of all creation." (p. i)

PDF Scan Download - 571 pages

Mary Baker Eddy's Lessons of the Seventh Day
a.k.a. the Brown Book
Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Being a seventh-day call for individual recognition and demonstration of the complete six days of creation illustrated in the founding of Christian Science and The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston.

Introduction – "In the Genesis allegory, the Seventh Day followed the creation of "man in our image" and it was a period of rest-in-action, fulfillment, satisfaction, and eternity. In the forerunner of this book, entitled Mary Baker Eddy's Six Days of Revelation, it was found convenient to choose 1894 as the sixth-day climax of a revelation of Christian Science. Yet just as the Genesis "man" was not a material masculine body claiming to be the image of God, so Mrs. Eddy's 1894 unfoldment of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston" was not a material structure. ... " (p. i)

PDF Scan Download - 387 pages

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