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  Mary Baker Eddy Index  
Mary Baker Eddy Science Institute offers for FREE the writings of Mary Baker Eddy as well as those of advanced students of Christian Science.  
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  Mary Baker Eddy Introduction  
As an introduction, follows is a list of some of the accomplishments of Mary Baker Eddy.
(1)   Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.
(2)   Author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, a bestseller for over 90 years, awarded
one of the "75 Books By Women Whose Words Have Changed The World".
(3)   Healings credited by only reading Science and Health are recorded covering 102 pages of this book.
(4)   Founder of The 6 Pulitzer Prize winning Christian Science Monitor and author of numerous other publications read by millions every year.
(5)   Founded
The Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts which covered the globe in a few years in the late 1800's.
(6)   Healed from a fall on the ice in 1866 which had been pronounced as fatal by the attending physician. 
(7)   More publicly documented HEALINGS are attributed to her and students of Christian Science on planet Earth than to any other known person.  Many are of challenges considered fatal by practitioners of other methods.  Public viewing of these verified healings are available in most Christian Science Reading Rooms, the Library of Congress, and public libraries throughout the world. 
(8)  Inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1995.  Her accomplishments were also at a time in American history when women could not vote, own property, and extremely limited to civil rights and liberties.
(9)  Described Jesus as "the highest human concept of the perfect man".    - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures  482:19 
(10)  Described Christian Science as the discovery of the "Science" and "system" of Christ Jesus. 
(11)   So humble and dedicated to the work that she made few public appearances even at the church she founded.
(12)  Fulfilled prophesy in the Bible, the Great Pyramid and other resources
  Mary Baker Eddy Index  
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Articles   Mary Baker Eddy
1 Articles by Mary Baker Eddy enable one to focus on a specific topic.  These will relate to topics that are common but in which the correct understanding of the topic is uncommon.  

Mary Baker Eddy Article Index - FREE pdf download
  Article Index - Mary Baker Eddy
Bible Lessons   Mary Baker Eddy
2 Bible Lessons by Mary Baker Eddy are her written inspired spiritual interpretations of commonly read but misunderstood Bible quotations.  These were not correctly undersatood because they lacked the inspired spiritual interpretation that only God could provide.  As she states clearly, God was her direct source, sometimes waiting a long time for the answer.  Taking no credit for any of her writings, she refers to herself as "a scribe under orders".

Mary Baker Eddy Bible Lesson Index - FREE pdf download
  Bible Lessons Index - COMING SOON
Biographies and Reminiscences   Mary Baker Eddy
3 Biographies and Reminiscences:  The many biographies and reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy reveal a life that is absolutely unique, especially considering the world was totally dominated by men.  Women were not allowed to vote, hold title to property, or do any of the many other things commonly accepted today as normal activities for both men and women.  YOU will be inspired by reading about this phenomenal woman.

Mary Baker Eddy Biography and Reminiscence Index - FREE pdf download
  Bio + Reminiscence Index - COMING SOON
Books   Mary Baker Eddy
4 Books by Mary Baker Eddy include Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures which is the primary textbook of Christian Science.  It also includes the 16 other books.  Therefore, the library we offer of her books comprise all her authorized books.  She referred to her other writings (16 books) as necessary to understand Science and Health.

Mary Baker Eddy Book Index includes all authorized books by Mary Baker Eddy - several format options including TEXT, PDF, MP3 AUDIO - ALL FREE downloads
  Book Index by Mary Baker Eddy
Healing   Mary Baker Eddy
5 Christian Science Healing Index - text of all healings recorded in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures pages 600-700 as recorded in the 1910 FINAL edition authorized by Mary Baker Eddy - FREE download
  Christian Science Healing Index
Hymns   Mary Baker Eddy
6 Hymns are the text of the seven hymns written by Mary Baker Eddy and are included in her authorized edition of the Christian Science Hymnal.  These center around the seven synonyms.  She felt these were so central to being a good Christian Scientist that she specifies in the Church Manual that one of the seven hymns are to be included in each Sunday service of churches.

Mary Baker Eddy Hymn Index - text of all hymns by Mary Baker Eddy - FREE pdf download
  Hymn Index by Mary Baker Eddy
Quotes   Mary Baker Eddy
7 Quotes is a compilation, which will be supplemented continuously, of significant quotes by Mary Baker Eddy and others about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science.
  Quotations by and about Mary Baker Eddy
Historical News   Mary Baker Eddy
8 Historical News:  Much was written about Mary Baker Eddy, not only because of her healings and other accomplishments but because she did all this at a time in American history when women could not vote, own property, and extremely limited to civil rights and liberties.  Volumes would be filled if all the historical news and accomplishments could be garnered and printed in one set of books.  A partial list of her accomplishments is at the top of this page.  The historical news referred to for this section is a collection of a few newspaper articles and photographs along with other items of interest.  Some of the information provided will be a surprise to most everyone. 

Mary Baker Eddy Historical News Index is news by and about Mary Baker Eddy - FREE pdf download
  Historical News -  COMING SOON
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