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"The time might come when medical thought might be so organized that it would make the practice of Christian Science almost impossible" - Mary Baker Eddy.
Because of the above statement made by Mary Baker Eddy over 100 years ago that is proving itself to be true in human experience today, more than ever before, it is critical for each one individually to gain a continuing better understanding of Christian Science in order to "live" Christian Science in our own lives so as to give us the freedom from dependence an anything less than God for our well-being. - MBESI
  Christian Science is Sciemce  
Mary Baker Eddy refers to "Science" 1,325 times in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (SH) and 2,036 times in "Prose Works" (PW). 

"Science and Christian Science" together occur 374  times in SH and 869 times in PW.

"system" occurs 48  times in SH and 64 times in PW.  

"System of Christian Science" occurs seven times in SH and 10 times in PW.
Yes, Christian Science is "Science".  Mathematics and music are a science and have a definite system with laws and rules.  Christian Science, the ultimate "Science", is a complete "system" with definite laws and rules. - W. Gordon Brown
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