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The Science of Christian Science - Group 1 of 7
Laws of Being    Christian Science Level   by Marya Brunson
The talk entitled "The Laws of Being: Christian Science level", was given in March 1981. It focuses on the four laws that comprise the Christian Science level of the Model of Being.  These are presented in 5 parts as follows:

The Model of Being chart (A) includes all the laws.  Note: chart & matrix refer to the same illustration.

(1) The Law of Creativity (B);
(2) The Law of Transformation (C);
(3) The Law of Universal Reflection (D);
(4) The Family Law which is part of the Law of Universal Reflection (E); and
(5) The Law of Structuring Consciousness (F). 

The MP3 audio files (1) through (4) are continuous and therefore no one audio file is exclusively for a single law.  All MP3 and PDF downloads are FREE.
1   The Laws of Being - CS Level - 1 of 4   A   Model of Being - All Laws - Matrix
2   The Laws of Being - CS Level - 2 of 4   B   Creativity - Word Order - Matrix
3   The Laws of Being - CS Level - 3 of 4   C   Transformation - Christ Order - Matrix
4   The Laws of Being - CS Level - 4 of 4   D   Universal Reflection - Christianity Order - Matrix
        E   Universal Reflection - Family - Christianity Order
        F   Structuring Consciousness - Science Order-Matrix
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