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America – Cradle For The Second Coming Of The Christ


Christian Science Sounds the Keynote of Universal Freedom

The Long Wait is Over

Click here to download to your computer or printNineteen centuries after Christ Jesus appeared on earth as a personal Savior, the long wait was over. Humanity was finally ready to receive the impersonal Savior, Christ Science, and begin to understand its message. The messenger, Mary Baker Eddy, had been graciously prepared and the cradle was ready--not a manger in Bethlehem this time, but the pious, self-reliant, freedom-loving spirit of New England.

It was Mary Baker Eddy's mission to bring to human awareness the kingdom of God within, which has always been present even though unrecognized--just as the round earth was always present even when everyone thought it was flat.

Could Mary Baker Eddy have fulfilled her God-given mission in any other time or place?

What would have happened if Mrs. Eddy had come to Europe in the Middle Ages, when women were forbidden to preach, were persecuted for healing, and were burned as witches for holding independent views? Could her message have been heard in colonial Massachusetts, where Puritans hung a Quaker woman for adhering to her religion?

Under the United States' constitutional guarantees of due process, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, Mrs. Eddy was protected from such prosecution.

America nurtured and protected "the Woman." It allowed her education, self-expression, independence, the right to own property--all privileges which have been denied to women in other times and places.

America also offered unique protection for the "manchild" the woman brought forth--the unfolding revelation of Christian Science in human consciousness. Separation of church and state, due process, freedom of speech and of religion, freedom of the press, and even copyright law would all play critical roles in protecting the Christian Science movement from the antagonism of other religions, from pressure from the medical profession to stop healing, and from challenges from within.

God's message to mankind (in Science and Health, the "little book" prophesied by Jesus in Revelation 10:1, 2), "will bruise the head of lust" and establish the kingdom of heaven as the Mind and consciousness of humanity. But it could only do so because the way had been prepared.

Why There HadTo Be a United States of America

From Revelation (12:13,14) we learn that Jesus prophesied to St. John that when "the dragon...persecuted the woman that brought forth the man child," the promised Comforter, the second coming of the Christ, the woman was "given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place." Can there be any doubt that the biblically prophesied "great eagle" that helped the woman was the United States of America with its Constitution and Bill of Rights that "nourished" her "from the face of the serpent"? What did Jesus say about prophecy?

"Prophecy cannot be broken." Thus, in the fullness of time, the United States of America came into being in order that Jesus' Revelation to St. John might be fulfilled.

Today, looking back over the centuries to the birth of America and its Constitution--that remarkable unprecedented document worked out by fifty-five men representing thirteen independent sovereign states making up the Confederation--we see how America and its Constitution have played their part in influencing and transforming world thought.
In this book our motive has been to show that God, infinite good, though invisible, was always on the field, and to bring God praise for the higher, deeper ways in which His love is shown.

Liberty and Love

Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy says, "stands for the inalienable, universal rights of men. Essentially democratic, its government is administered by the common consent of the governed, wherein and whereby man governed by his creator is self-governed" (See My. 246:30).

Mrs. Eddy's mission was to found in human consciousness the divinely spiritual fact that man's real mind is the divine Mind, Love, and to bring "the baptism of Spirit, or final immersion of human consciousness in the infinite ocean of Love" (Mis. 205:13).

Mrs. Eddy expressed a divine Mother-Love toward all mankind. As she describes it:

I saw the love of God encircling the universe and man, filling all space, and that divine love so permeated my own consciousness that I loved with Christlike compassion everything I saw. This realization of divine Love called into expression the beauty of holiness, the perfection of being which healed and regenerated and saved all who turned to me for help.

A conversation recalled by James Gilman, in his Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy, illuminates Mrs. Eddy's experience of divine Love:

[Mary Baker Eddy related that] last night she had come to revelations that had exceeded anything she had had before, in which she saw plainly that all things were put under her feet and the love of God was so manifest, it exceeded anything she could describe. All things were dissolved in it; all sense of evil, all antagonism; nothing was left but the sea of God's immeasurable Love."

Gilman adds, "I felt awed and as if a word in response from me would be a sacrilege."

In the first edition of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy tells us "we shall be Love, Life, and Truth when we understand them." So, of course, we are "Love, Life, and Truth" right now in reality. And this Love that we are "never loses sight of loveliness." But the human heart yearns for spiritual harmony because it doesn't realize it already possesses it.

Mary Baker Eddy's mission is destined to remove from humanity's thinking the universal hypnotic suggestion that man is separated from God, Love. Conquering corporeal sense, her revelation "drops the curtain on material man and mortality" (Mis. 205:15), enabling students to demonstrate heaven here, within our consciousness. As Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you."

There is Only One Power

In Christian Science we learn there are not two powers--a good one that overcomes an evil one. There is onIy one power, omnipotent, omnipresent good. Christian Science therefore recognizes all discord such as sin, disease, death, lack and limitation as merely illusion. In this realization--in our ability to rest in the Word of God--the problem that confronts us dissolves; healing takes place.

Mrs. Eddy continually admonished students to expose and denounce evil and errors of every nature but recognize no reality in them since they are illusions, hypnotic suggestion only.

Christian Science asks: if you accept an infinite God, an infinite good that is all, omnipotent, omnipresent, an infinite Spirit beside which there is naught else, can there, in reality, actually be discord such as sin, disease, lack?

What Conclusion Should We Arrive At?

If you think about it seriously must you not arrive at the conclusion that if God is All, is infinite, is good only, is omnipotent and omnipresent--and there is nothing present but infinite good, it's nature and its qualities--then must not sin, disease, lack, and limitation, discord of any kind, be illusion? Must these not be the result of universal hypnotic suggestion?

When we believe disease has power, and try to rid ourselves of it, we actually increase its seeming power over us, but if we hold to the Truth that omnipotent Mind--the Mind that is our real Mind--possesses all power, and this power is in the invisible spirit of God within us, we gain the conviction that there is no power in the visible form--the body, the condition, the person, place, thing--and therefore the discord or disease disappears.

The false sense disappears because we have obeyed Jesus' admonition to resist not evil--resist not illusions, hypnotic suggestions, animal magnetism. The discord has disappeared because the spirit of Truth, the kingdom of God within our consciousness, has acted to dispel the illusion.

Jesus' life gave us a monumental demonstration of overcoming the illusions of mortal mind. Was there ever a greater seeming defeat, from the mortal standpoint, than Calvary? Was there ever a greater victory than the resurrection? Mrs. Eddy's life too was a series of snatching stunning victories from the jaws of defeat (illusion, hypnotic suggestion). What these two Wayshowers accomplished we can accomplish, too. These victories are also available for us.

Dispelling the Illusion

Because mortals have been reared in a material sense of life they hold themselves in bondage to form, and so commit idolatry--they bow down and fear a form labeled body, disease, money, person, place, thing, condition. But Christian Science reveals there is a presence and power, which as we contact it, becomes a law unto us; it becomes "He that performeth that which is given me to do."

The spirit of Truth can dispel the illusion only when we arrive at the inner conviction that power does not exist in the visible form. Spirit--infinite good, reality--is the only substance; it shadows forth infinite forms, but the power remains in the Mind, the Spirit, the Principle. For example, the principle of mathematics has infinite forms each of which can be erased from the blackboard, but the principle can reproduce the examples, the calculations, the forms, because the power and reproductive capacity always remains in the principle. It is the same with the Principle of our being. The power is never in the visible form. Jesus told his listeners, "Destroy this temple [this body, this form] and in three days, I [my divine Mind, the 'I' that I am, the Principle], will raise it up," will reproduce it.

When error looms, we have a decision to make. We will have a battle (since the illusions seem so real, and continually present pictures to us of things that do not exist in reality). Christian Science asks: Is there a something, a condition, that has to be overcome? Is there a condition that Truth must do something to?

Christian Science teaches that other people do not have the power to bedevil our life. But we must know this. When we expose and denounce evil we must at the same time recognize no reality in it.

We Must Know the Truth that Frees

One of Mrs. Eddy's most valued students, Flavia Knapp, felt keenly the envy, jealousy, malice, hate, and persecution directed against her; therefore at a testimony meeting, after testifying of her many wonderful healings, she concluded by asking: "For which of these works do ye stone me?"

Two weeks later she died. She had personalized error, had made it real. It was the suggestion, illusion, appearing in her own thinking, that caused her to believe in the power of animal magnetism (error, hypnotic suggestion, illusion) and which prompted her to enter her public protest against this illusion. Jesus said, "A man's foes shall be those of his own household."

Mrs. Knapp had failed to heed the Christian Science teaching that when we feel thoughts of error we should vehemently enter a protest against our own belief in it. She should have understandingly declared: "No, you are not real; you can't be real since God, the kingdom of God within me, is All, and has sovereign power; therefore I know you are nothing but hypnotic suggestion. This error has no power of its own; it is coming to me to give it life, and I refuse to give it any!" Then the error, the illusion, would have vanished, and Mrs. Knapp would have continued with her wonderful mission on this plane of existence.

Our great work in this world is to let the light within our own consciousness expand further and further into the darkness until this light--from "the kingdom of God within [us]"banishes all darkness and error.

What Makes Evil, Error Vanish?

If we stand fast in divine Science, the divine knowing that God, infinite good, is All, is One, is omnipotent and omnipresent, then is there a discord to be overcome? Is there disease, lack and limitation to be overcome? The answer, of course, is "No!" Christian Science calls on us to decide between reality and appearances, between the Spirit and the flesh. "The belief that life and sensation are in the body should be overcome by the understanding of what constitutes man as the image of God [our true Mind]. Then Spirit will have overcome the flesh" (S&H 289:4). When we are in that consciousness where "the spirit of the Lord God is upon [us]," evil of every nature vanishes.

Mary Baker Eddy's great discovery revealed that materiality and the discords confronting us are not a power. They cannot be a power since God, our real Mind, alone is power; Spirit (reality, good) alone is power. Clinging to this truth we prove that materiality and discords are not a power. They are false concepts, misperceptions.

Christian Science Restores Our True Mind

The conflict between Truth and error can be resolved only in our Mind. "God is individual Mind" (Mis. 101:31); God is individual spiritual consciousness, and "the ultimate of the entire teaching of Christian Science is to restore to man his consciousness of the divine Mind as his only Mind." This restoration takes place as we become aware that the entire mortal point of view is a state of hypnosis, illusion, caused by a universal state of hypnotic suggestion.

To "rouse the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas" is our difficult task. It is in the mind that the crucial battles--battles between reality and appearance, between understanding and belief--must be fought.

Mrs. Eddy makes it clear that all human experience is the externalization of conscious and unconscious thought. Blind belief causes mortals to cry out for help and then resist the enlightenment that would rid them of their illusions and bring the ever-present harmony of heaven into focus.

We learn in Science that Adam was a belief; not a believer. "This indicates that Jesus, 'the last Adam,' is understanding or Science, and not 'he who' does or thinks anything. So the last Adam was not just a great thinker replacing a misguided believer; he was spiritual understanding (Soul) replacing belief (material sense)." The resurrection is seeing the real man that was never in matter. The real man never was discordant or in want, to be made harmonious and fulfilled.

But since "the higher Truth lifts her voice [to inform man of his divinity] the louder will error scream"; it therefore seems that the inspiration of truth cannot be gained without tasting the cup that Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy drank to the dregs.

Because of this ignorance and resistance to Truth, it is only through step by painful step that mankind is progressing toward the acceptance of its ever-present heritage of glorious, boundless freedom.

Belief in Two Powers Caused Suffering

Now we can understand why, even though the Bible was the guiding light and impetus for the ventures undertaken in the discovery and settling of America, so much adversity and suffering was encountered.

It was because the people involved--and this is still true of most of us--had a religious background which had instilled in them the belief of two powers. They prayed to a God that did not exist. They prayed to God as a great power that could overcome other powers such as sin, disease, hunger, cold, or danger. There is no such God. God, our true Mind, "the kingdom of God within" us, knows no sin, disease, death, discord, or error. These people believed that evil was real and that God knew about evil; hence they were praying to a nonexistent God.

God's nature as omnipresent good can have no opposite, hence evil is unreal. God is All; His work is done; evil is merely an illusion. But only as people understand the nature of God and the nature of man can there be unfailing, systematic demonstration of God as the ONE power, the only power.

Evil's unreality was the great revelation that came to Mary Baker Eddy. So powerful was this revelation in Mrs. Eddy's time that some practitioners took 100 patients a day and healed them all! This spread Christian Science around the world and built up the thousands of Christian Science churches.

Until Mrs. Eddy revealed the allness and ever-presence of infinite good, people did not realize that even "religion," which believed in two powers--a good and an evil power--was a barrier to understanding the kingdom of God within their own consciousness; hence the suffering and hardship that has accompanied mankind's progress.

Nevertheless a divine Providence was in evidence from the time of Adam and Eve. The people who participated in the ventures that forwarded civilization may not have had a clear understanding of the nature of God, infinite good, but they had great faith in God's willingness and ability to help them.

This was especially true of the founders of our nation. Their pure and strong belief--their sublime faith in God--shadowed itself forth as the substance of the good that was made visible.

Mankind's Struggle for Freedom

The story of America is the story of the search for true freedom. Mankind's struggle for freedom began when the Adam dream, universal hypnotic suggestion, falsely convinced man that he is a mortal rather than a divine being capable of knowing the truth because he has the Mind of God and the "kingdom of God is within [him]", as his consciousness.

The Adam allegory can never be understood if we think of Adam and Eve as two. Each mortal is Adam AND Eve. It is the Eve in us that leads us to see that error of any kind is illusion, merely aggressive mental suggestion coming to us for life. We can either give it life by believing the lie, or we can reject it by recognizing it as aggressive mental suggestion, the serpent. Infinite good made all that was made. Good alone is real.

Truth, cross-questioning man as to his knowledge of error, finds woman [meaning the thought male or female, receptive to spiritual sense] the first to confess her fault. She says, "The serpent beguiled me . . ." She has already learned that corporeal sense is the serpent. Hence she is first to abandon the belief in the material origin of man and to discern spiritual creation. (S&H 533:26)

Further, Mrs. Eddy wrote:

Thus it was that I beheld, as never before, the awful unreality called evil. The equipollence of God [God's allness and evil's nothingness, its unreality] brought to light another glorious proposition,man's perfectibility and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The biblical Eve must therefore be seen as the first gleam of Truth coming to Adam--to the Adam in each of us. This gleam of Truth is destined to awaken and free us--awaken and free all mankind--from bondage to the cruelest of all taskmasters, namely, the Adam dream that life and intelligence are in matter.

Mankind's Misconception of What Sin Is

In Christian Science we learn that sin doesn't mean just bad behavior, like committing adultery, lying, cheating, getting drunk or smoking. The writings of Mary Baker Eddy--the second coming of the Christ--reveal sin as far more encompassing.

Sin is dishonoring God, the kingdom of God within our spiritual consciousness, by accepting the universal hypnotic suggestion that there is a material universe, and that humanity is separated from the one Mind, God--the real Mind of man.

This belief in a material universe, inhabited by flesh-blood-bones bodies, is what is meant by having "other gods." It breaks the First Commandment. From the point of view of the Science of being there is no difference between the belief in lack, sorrow, and disease, and the belief in any other so-called sin, such as adultery or stealing. They are all ILLUSION, merely hypnotic suggestion. God being All, there is naught besides. Error of any kind is unreal. Once we see this we can heal, just like a mathematician can "heal" 2x2=5, because he has learned it is 4.

False appetites and evil traits are forms of the same thing: illusion, mesmerism, hypnotism. Because Science explains "existence separate from divinity" as impossible (S&H 522:10), sin is revealed as believing in a material universe peopled with mortals. This belief, of course, includes--as sin--what religions have designated as sin.

The struggle of humanity to free itself of this universal hypnotic suggestion continues as an underlying theme in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

In Revelation it was prophesied that freedom would come through the "little book" that a "mighty angel" would bring, and through the mission of the God-crowned woman and her earthly representative, the "wilderness woman." (See Rev. chapters 10, 12, and 21.)

These prophecies were fulfilled when Mary Baker Eddy published Science and Health and founded God's "Christ Science" in human consciousness. Christ Science did not need to be founded in God-consciousness where it always has been and always will be.

Man Governed by His Creator is Self-Governed

Freedom is humanity's birthright. On page 23 of the 16th edition of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy says that man is free because he "should have no other Mind than God. In reality he has not. It is only delusion that he seems to have another mind"a dual mind made up of both good and evil tendencies.

Man is free because he has the kingdom of God within his consciousness, and what is called "man" is the manifestation of this divine consciousness. Man is but the reflection of the "I AM that I am." Therefore God, the "I" of you and the "I" of me, is not in its reflection, any more than you are in the mirrored image that returns your likeness.

Again in the 16th edition, on page 27 and 51, Mrs. Eddy tells us man is free because "mortal body and material man are delusions that spiritual understanding destroys; but man will not lose his identity because of this destruction, but will gain the conscious infinitude of being.... Waking to real Life, mortals find that what they have learned from the senses to be reversed in the facts of existence. That which sense deems shadow is found to be substance; and what sense deems substance becomes nothingness when the dreams of the senses vanish and reality appears."

Recall Jesus' warning to Mary on that Easter morn 2000 years ago: "Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended" (John 20:17) and the startling evidence he later gave to his followers when he walked through doors that had been barred. He was demonstrating that his recreated body was a more spiritual body, an advanced concept, yet still recognizable.

This is in accord with Mary Baker Eddy's assertion that spiritual man will always remain substantial and recognizable, that every spiritual idea will remain in a form or a "body" that can be cognized. "Infinite progression" will always be "concrete being." The resurrection was the real man coming to view--the man that was never in matter. Translation only lifts us to a higher plane of spiritual understanding and joy.

In My. 200:1 Mrs. Eddy wrote, "religious liberty and individual rights under the Constitution of our nation are rapidly advancing, avowing and consolidating the genius of Christian Science." As this process leads to man's recognition of his spiritual status, it reveals that "material history is drawing to a close."

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