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"The lens of Science magnifies the divine power to human sight; and we then see the allness of Spirit, therefore the nothingness of matter."  Message to The Mother Church 1901 by Mary Baker Eddy.

All the publications by Clifford Stamp, Daisy Stamp and Rosalie Maas (Stamp) represent deep research and a highly advanced level of spiritual reception to Truth which is shared in clear language and in a most humble manner to every serious seeker.
Passing From Life to Life   Rosalie S. Stamp
1   Science and Health makes clear to students of Christian Science the universally liberating truth, that because Life is spiritual and eternal, man as the expression of Life is an immortal being; death is but another 'dream' within the whole overall dream of mortal existence. Those same students, whilst recognising these absolute truths. may at their present stage of progress think with apprehension about passing on and all it implies. They may keep their dreads hidden, but it must be good to seek definite divine answers.
  Passing From Life to Life by Rosalie S. Stamp - PDF download - 18 pages
  Passing From Life to Life - PDF
The Bible for Everyman - From Genesis to the Exodus Rosalie S. Maas
2   This books is "an excellent introduction to the study of the Bible as a living story of spiritual ideas that forms a coherent whole. At the outset the author discusses the symbolic method of the Scriptural writers and then shows the key symbols pervading the Bible, which are first present in order in the seven days of creation. With this established, the great Old Testament stories from Genesis to the Exodus, familiar and not so familiar, yield their spiritual interpretation, and their relationship to every man's experience comes to light in a fresh and absorbing way. These superb early narratives are also linked with many other Old and New Testament stories, so that the consistency and wholeness of the Scriptures is demonstrated. Moreover, that which underlies the Bible is the timeless, onmiactive Science of the Spiritual which unites mankind beyond all sectarian barriers." Summary on back cover of the third edtion."

Chapter Summaries (4 pp.)
Chapters: 1.  The Seven Days of Creation (21 pp.), 2.  Adam and Eve (24 pp.), 3.  Noah (24 pp.), 4.  Abraham - 23 pages, 5.  Isaac and Jacob (19 pp.), 6.  Joseph (18 pp.), 7.  Moses and the Exodus (27 pp.)
  The Bible for Everyman - From Genesis to the Exodus by Rosalie S. Maas - 1951 - PDF downloads - 160 pages
Chapter Summaries Seven Days of Creation - 1 of 7
Adam and Eve - 2 of 7 Noah - 3 of 7
Abraham - 4 of 7 Isaac and Jacob - 5 of 7
Joseph - 6 of 7 Moses and the Exodus - 7 of 7
How Divine Love Meets the Human Need Clifford & Daisy Stamp
3   "Introductory Note:

This book is a verbatim report of a week's talks given by Clifford and Daisy Stamp, and has been published in response to many requests. These talks conclude a series on the synonymous terms for God as given by Mary Baker Eddy in her textbook, viz. Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love; * these terms have been considered as they operate in the divine infinite calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science. This particular report considers the nature of God as Love. . . .

* See page 465 of Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy"

How Divine Love Meets the Human Need by Clifford & Daisy Stamp - 1950 - PDF download - 213 pages
  How Divine Love Meets the Human Need - PDF
Revelation and Demonstration for You Clifford & Daisy Stamp
4   This book is based on a verbatim report of talks given in Bristol during Whitsun week.

How Divine Love Meets the Human Need by Clifford & Daisy Stamp - 1953 - PDF download - 213 pages
  Revelation and Demonstration For You - PDF
Satellites, Science and Peace Clifford & Daisy Stamp
5   "Introduction:

This book has been compiled from notes taken at talks given by Clifford and Daisy Stamp, in response to a request that some special consideration be given to pages 96 and 97 of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. It had been felt by many students that those pages were definitely related to the happenings of this present time in world history. ...

Today events of human life move rapidly, both for the individual and the world, and yet they can never move more rapidly than the spiritual impulses which give them birth. Therefore to acquaint oneself with these spiritual factors, and with the Great Spirit who stands as the Principle of them all, is to keep oneself not only abreast of the times, but even always a little ahead. From this vantage point vision is that much clearer than when one feels surrounded by the events themselves, endeavoring to look over them and beyond them to scan the way and the why."

Satallites, Science and Peace by Clifford & Daisy Stamp - 1959 - PDF download - 213 pages
  Satellites, Science and Peace - PDF
"Without a Parable, Spake He Not Unto Them" Clifford Stamp & Rosalie Maas
6   Along with demonstrating the "allness of Spirit and, therefore the nothingness of matter" Christ Jesus also taught through his historic Parables. Clifford Stamp and Rosalie Maas examine carefully all the Parables of Christ Jesus from an elevated and pure spiritual standpoint. Their spiritual analysis includes every detail and how it all fits into the WHOLE.

Without a Parable, Spake He Not Unto Them by Clifford Stamp and Rosalie Maas - 1981 - Index of 11 Volumes
  "Without a Parable . . .     Index
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