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Topic America
America - A Place or State of Consciousness
by the Editor

Question: is America a place or is it a State of Consciousness? When seen in its spiritual connotation it must obviously be the latter.
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The Wizard of Oz - Allegory Commentary (1994)
by the Editor

In 1898, Frank Baum wrote what he loudly proclaimed to be a “children's story." Whether he meant it to be more or not we will probably never know but in the light of today’s world, understanding it is a wonderful teaching tool. It is truly a marvelous treatment for the ills of the world, when read with the new tongue at the close of the century (1999).

Mrs. Eddy tells us, “A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede the understanding of Truth which destroys error” (Science and Health 252:8), and in this story, Mr. Baum very clearly, once the symbolism is understood, uncovers the error holding the world in bondage to materialism.

This study opens up the meaning and importance of the words, "key" and "symbol".
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Other Topics
From the Bible Code to the Key to the Scriptures
by the Editor

In Browsing through book stores today, you find shelves of books discussing Spirituality, New Thought, and Self-Help. They all broadcast a similar message.  One example of this type of book is from Dan Brown, a popular author, and wrote on the “Bible Code”. Yet, the foundation for understanding spirituality, self-help etc. is found in what has been prophesied in the Bible as the “Little Book”. This “Little Book”, the book upon which all self-help is based, is directly connected to the Bible and this “Little Book” is practically hidden. This most important “Little Book” is rarely noticed or mentioned when book stores catalog their self-help books. Yet it contains self-help that is unequaled as it explains the Bible.

This study opens up the meaning and importance of the words, "key" and "symbol".
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The System of the Divine Infinite Calculus
by the Editor

We are here today to talk about Christian Science. We are not merely considering religion, we are considering Science. There is no
time element in Science. Mrs. Eddy tells us, “Christ’s Christianity is the chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages, maintaining
its correspondence with the Scriptures and uniting all periods in the design of God.” She also tells us in Science and Health p. 546 line
23, “Christian Science is dawning upon a material age. The great spiritual facts of being, like rays of light, shine in the darkness, though
the darkness, comprehending them not, may deny their reality. The proof that the system stated in this book is Christianly scientific
resides in the good this system accomplishes, for it cures on a divine demonstrable Principle which all may understand.

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