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John W. Doorly C.S.B.
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"The Author"
Exerpt from Talks given by John W. Doorly on Christian Science Practice
"John W. Doorly was an Englishman, born in the island of Barbados in the British West Indies. As a young man he emigrated to the United States where, in 1902, he became deeply interested in the teachings of Christian Science. He joined the Christian Science church and for forty-seven years he taught and practised Christian Science. For fifteen years he lectured on this subject all over the world and at one period he was President of The Mother Church in Boston, Mass., U.S.A. Early in the 1900's he came to live in the United Kingdom and here he remained based.

In 1945 he was forced to leave the Christian Science church organization because his interpretation of the teachings of Christian Science differed from that of the authorities of the church at that time. Always a deep student of the Bible and of the Christian Science textbook, John Doorly continued his research and practice and lectured on the Bible weekly in London and also frequently in the provinces. In 1947, 1948, and 1949 he held a Summer School in Oxford for a month. attended by about 500 people each year from many parts of the world.

John Doorly's life was a life of devotion to the cause of Truth and was characterized by great vision, moral courage, and singleness of purpose. His lectures and writings are fresh, dynamic, and full of a warm humanity. His contribution to the understanding and demonstration of Christian Science as pure Science will continue to inspire and encourage all who are seeking Truth." (p.5)
Publications, Talks & Lectures
1 Christian Science Practice 1950 John W. Doorly

A verbatim report of Talks given in January 1950 on the chapter "Christian Science Practice" from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

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2 The Pure Science of Christian Science 1946 John W. Doorly

"This book is written and compiled in the sincere and earnest effort to assist progressive thinkers to the intelligent and systematic study of the Science of Christianity, as revealed in the Bible and in the Christian Science textbook, 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,' by Mary Baker Eddy. It may not appeal to those who believe that God is a mystical being, to be approached through vague religious emotion, nor to mere believers in Christian Science who desire to remain such. 'The time for thinkers has come' (S. & H. vii : 13), and it is to them that this book is addressed." (excerpt p. v)

PDF Scan Download - 244 pages  3rd edition, 1st impression 1980
3 The Pure Science of the Bible 1947 John W. Doorly

The Substance of a public lecture given by John W. Doorly at Conway Hall, London, in May 1947.

"I am unutterably convinced, after years and years of study, that there is in the Bible a perfect, absolute, and scientific symbolization of the ideas of God, whereby men can understand the system of divine ideas more definitely than they can understand the facts of mathematics, music, or any other human system. I am completely convinced of this fact, and I am therefore inviting you this afternoon, 'Come, let us reason together,' to see if this is so or if it is not so."

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4 God and Science 1949 John W. Doorly

"Either it is true that spiritual values are natural, provable, and ever-available, or man must be reckoned as just a brute, with no desires, hopes, nor aims outside of the merely material. But man cannot be reckoned as such, for he can reason, he can entertain ideas, he seeks the finer essences of life--all this is evidence of a spiritual ultimate."

This is a non-denominational book that shows how the spiritual fundamentals of the days of creation are baked in the Bible.

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