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Gilbert C. Carpenter Sr. & Jr.
Short Biography
Gilbert C. Carpenter CSB came into Christian Science in 1894.  Mr. Carpenter served Mrs. Eddy in many special ways. He was an Executive Member of The Mother Church, and chairman of the building committee for the Extension. From March 1905 to March 1906, he served her as an Associate Secretary at Pleasant view.

His son, Gilbert C. Carpenter Jr. CSB was raised in Christian Science. After becoming a practitioner listed in the Journal, Gilbert, Jr. attended the Normal Class in 1928 with Irving C. Tomlinson, and became a teacher in Providence. For seven years he was Committee on Publication for the state of Rhode Island.

Long Biography and History

With much gratitude to the bookmark for their generous permission to offer the publications of the Carpenters as free downloads on this website.  For hard copies or transcripts of these publications, please contact the bookmark.

Notes on the Course in Divinity
Recorded by Lida Fitzpatrick C.S.D. and others
Introduction by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., C.S.B.

Full Title"Notes on the Course in Divinity, Given by Mary Baker Eddy, The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, and Author of its Textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, at Her Home, Pleasant View, Concord, New Hampshire, During the Years Nineteen Hundred Three, Nineteen Hundred Four, and Nineteen Hundred Seven Recorded by Lida Fitzpatrick, C.S.D. and others."

Introduction – "IN THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SENTINEL for August 17, 1935, is an 'Item of Interest' from the Christian Science Board of Directors in which they state that these notes recorded in Mrs. Eddy's home by Lida Fitzpatrick, Laura E. Sargent, George H. Kinter, and possibly others, should not be accepted as genuine, or as giving accurate statements by our Leader. They state, 'It is neither fair nor loyal to our Leader to attribute to her anything that is not authenticated in a dependable way. Writings said to be hers which did not come directly from her and which do not accord with her printed works in substance and phraseology, may well be regarded as apocryphal, if not downright forgeries.

"In defence of these notes let it be said that the writer of this introduction has discussed the accuracy of the statements attributed to Mrs. Eddy with the following students: Miss Minnie Adelaide Still, Mrs. Caroline Foss Gyger, Calvin C. Hill, and Gilbert C. Carpenter. Miss Still served Mrs. Eddy as her personal maid from early in 1907 until she passed on in 1910. Mrs. Gyger was her maid from April to August, 1906. Mr. Hill served her in many capacities over a long period of years. Mr. Carpenter was her Associate Secretary for the period of one year from 1905 to 1906."

These notes were later also integrated in Course in Divinity and General Collectanea (aka. the Blue Book) compiled by Richard Oakes.

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500 Watching Points

by Gilbert C. Carpenter

Gilbert C. Carpenter CSB:  "OUR TEXTBOOK, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, covers every human need, and sets forth the means whereby every problem may be solved. Each student, however, _ is left to make his own application of its teachings, especially in relation to that phase of error which would claim to prevent the student, either from understanding the true import of the teachings that are in the Bible, and in his textbook, or from making that broader application of his understanding, which alone brings final salvation.

"Students who lived in our Leader's home testify that no phase of human experience was so insignificant that it did not require them to apply to it the rules of God, and to seek His help. Many of the misunderstandings that occurred, arose from the fact that students had a limited conception of the application of truth, in contrast to their Leader's extended use of it. There were some who considered that Mrs. Eddy was over-punctilious about unimportant details but she was only demanding right thinking from her students in the smallest matters as well as in the greatest. She was never known to rebuke or criticize a student for making a demonstration of a humanly unimportant matter.

"Your teacher intends these watching points to constitute a timely hint to his  students, to broaden their demonstration of Christian Science as Mrs. Eddy set the example in her home, especially as such effort relates to any suggestion of mesmerism that would claim to becloud their comprehension of the deeper meanings of the Bible and Science and Health."
500 Watching Points
Collectanea of items by and about Mary Baker Eddy
Compiled by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.

Gilbert C. Carpenter Jr. CSB:  Collectanea was published in 1937 by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr. His book revealed for the first time the vast amount of spiritual enlightenment that Mrs. Eddy gave her students through her unpublished writings, teaching and remarks, letters, and healing treatments.

The miscellaneous items in this volume will have to speak for themselves. Authentic proof as to Mrs. Eddy’s authorship of each one, would cause a student to place blind faith in them, which should not be done. When one blindly puts his faith in statements as coming from God, other than those contained in the Bible, and the published writings of Mary Baker Eddy, it may retard his spiritual growth. Advanced statements such as those in this book are needed by mature students to help them to exercise their spiritual muscles.

What should the advanced student do with writings such as those collected in this book, provided he feels the urge to study them, and to determine their worth? He should open his thought in earnest prayer to hear the voice of God, and to determine through inspiration the veritable nature of each statement and incident. In so doing, he will forward his spiritual growth; will develop his spiritual sense; will keep faith with God, with his Leader and the Church Manual; and lastly, if he has grown to the spiritual stature that is requisite, he will be greatly blessed by such an effort.
Collectanea By and About Mary Baker Eddy

Essays on Christian Science ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy

compiled by Gilbert C. Carpenter

Gilbert C. Carpenter Jr. CSB: In compiling these articles by Mary Baker Eddy as contained in this book, and preserving them for posterity, the writer felt an impulse so insistent that he had to obey it. There seemed to be no alternative. While this step might be criticized from the standpoint of human wisdom, yet he would prefer to brave the wrath of man than that of God.

The ultimate of this initial step can be revealed only through further guidance and instruction that bears unmistakably the seal of God’s wisdom.

It might be considered an assumption for the writer to claim that he was guided from on high, but our beloved Leader has stated unequivocally that obedience in Christian Science is living up to our highest idea of God and His leadings. On page 117 of Miscellaneous Writings, she writes: “The student of Christian Science must first separate the tares from the wheat; discern between the thought, motive, and act superinduced by the wrong motive or the true — the God-given intent and volition — arrest the former, and obey the latter. Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow under every circumstance.” This the writer is humbly striving to do.
Essays by Mary Baker Eddy

Fragments of Unpublished Items by Mary Baker Eddy

compiled by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.

Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.: After the Master’s ascension, healing through the Word was lost sight of. In 1866, Mary Baker Eddy rediscovered this power of the Word to heal, when, by reading it, she herself was healed from the effects of a fall on the ice; and ever after, she pursued this spiritual light in behalf of suffering humanity. Not only did she give to the world the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, but many other writings. She also voiced the healing Word in sermons, poems, and lectures. She unfailingly admonished and counseled her students by word of mouth and by thousands of letters. These letters and verbal unfoldments were usually designed to arouse students to their spiritual oneness with the Father, and to point out the deterrents of human thinking, or snares of animal magnetism, that would operate to keep mortals from being conscious of the divine facts of being.

As the years unfolded, the Word of God likewise unfolded with increasing clarity to our Leader. Her light did not grow dim; it grew steadily brighter. On August 10, 1898 we find her writing to Julia Field-King, “All who obey His word prosper, and His word is spoken through my pen and lips, even more explicitly now than when I wrote Science and Health.”

Such fragments as the above, throw much needed light on our Leader’s unpublished material. They offer positive proof that the words of wisdom and counsel that she spoke and wrote came from God, as definitely as did her textbook. If these items were of value when they were given, they are still of value, even as the letters of St. Paul, written to certain students and churches to meet specific and general needs, still voice the inspired Word of God to all prepared to receive it.
Fragments by Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy Her Spiritual Footsteps

compiled by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Sr. & Jr.

Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps is an unusual book — the only one of its kind. It goes far beyond other memoirs about Mary Baker Eddy. Mr. Carpenter presents an analysis of a woman whose life was lived mainly in the nineteenth century, but whose mind belonged to the twentieth century and beyond. Because of her spiritual genius, Mrs. Eddy was little understood even by her closest students.

Only a few of those who were in a position to observe her closely have written their memoirs. Spiritual Footsteps is the most extensive and certainly one of the most discerning of them all. Mr. Carpenter presents a many-faceted study of this great woman seen in the light of her own revelation.

Spiritual Footsteps emerged from the mental fermentation taking place in the Christian Science Church after Mrs. Eddy's passing in 1910. After 1910, the organization in Boston no longer had her restraining hand to temper the ambitious zeal of its members. Factions developed in the Church, lawsuits erupted, and a great struggle for power took place within the organization. Many false, distorted, and malicious attacks were made on Christian Science and its Discoverer both by disloyal students and the world.
Mary Baker Eddy - Her Spiritual Footsteps

Mary Baker Eddy Her Spiritual Precepts

by Gilbert C. Carpenter C.S.B, and Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., C.S.B.

Mary Baker Eddy Her Spiritual Precepts as gleaned and deduced from her letters to The Christian Science Board of Directors and The Mother Church First Church Christ Scientist Boston, Massachusetts

IN STUDYING A TREE one is supposed to be able to tell the size of the rootstock by the leaves and branches, deducing the unseen from the seen. Further study of these roots, however, is much more arduous than just observing the leaves and fruit of the tree. Much labor of digging is required before the entire root system is exposed for Investigation. The life and teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, that have been left to posterity as her loving heritage, and designated as her authorized writings, are available to all. In studying these the very beginner Is safe. These constitute the branches, leaves and fruit which are open to the public Inspection and study.

Mrs. Eddy was not only the author of her works, but the one who authorized them. That Is, she established beyond cavil their correctness, and demonstrated that they are not of human origin, but divine. She might well have said, "My dearly beloved brethren, I give you these teachings and assure you that In them you are safe, because I guarantee that they came from God. Therein you may gain a knowledge of Christian Science that Is correct and demonstrable. As you read and  study them, you need have no doubt nor fear, since you are studying what was written through inspiration -- by God, not man."

MBE Precepts - 1894-1896 Vol 1 of 5 MBE Precepts - 1892-1894 Vol 2 of 5
MBE Precepts - 1894-1896 Vol 3 of 5 MBE Precepts - 1895-1900 Vol 4 of 5
MBE Precepts - 1900-1903 Vol 5 of 5  

Visions of Mary Baker Eddy

as recorded by Calvin Frye
with interpretations by Gilbert C. Carpenter, C.S.D.

HE ENIGMATICAL DREAM PICTURES which were recorded by Mary Baker Eddy's secretary, Calvin A. Frye, under the heading, Mrs. Eddy's Visions, have already appeared in print. In a recent attack on Christian Science and its Founder, these visions were summarized and given an unfavorable import in the following comment, "The dreams, of course. point clearly in one direction, but to Calvin Frye and other Christian Scientists to whom they were told, the direction seemed that of saintliness." (Mary Baker Eddy. page 232: Knopf, 1932.)

This volume is put into print as a protest against this pronouncement of ignorance, in order to proclaim the spiritual nature of these visions as coming from divine revelation, when viewed through the lens of spiritual perception.
Visions of Mary Baker Eddy - Interpreted
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