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Mary Baker Eddy

American Symbols by Mary Baker Eddy
Symbols keep the problems acutely before one until solved, and we know when they are solved, by the silence and disappearance of the symbols. The following treatise on symbols concerning the founding of America is available on the internet, and we hereby present it as an interesting message for Thanksgiving, 2013.

Body by Mary Baker Eddy
The term Mind and body I understand to mean God and man; man the manifestation and embodiment of Mind is the body of Mind; is the Infinite aggregation of spiritual ideas forever held, controlled, and governed by the law of Life, harmony, and completeness, so man was never born, never had a claim, never sinned, never left heaven, but is spiritual, perfect, harmonious and eternal. This understanding is the savior to our belief of understanding is the savior to our belief of body, the law of recovery of every and any claim of error.
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Demonstration by Mary Baker Eddy
I have learned a great secret. I have learned how to demonstrate, I have learned how to make Science a thing of life, not of words. I am going to tell you what the secret is, and it is wonderful...
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Gordon Brown

Humanity and Christian Science—Some Burning Issues (An Essay) by Gordon Brown
IN SEARCH OF AUTHORITY. Not as the Scribes. Never, surely, in the history of civilization was there so much rebellion against authority—against the status quo of established society—as is seen in the world today. This is particularly evident in the exploits of the younger generation. A Students' Revolt is taking place on a world scale...
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Jules Cern

Christian Science Dominion over the Atom by Jules Cern
It seems that one concept of matter, called atomic fusion, is threatening to destroy another concept of matter, called a human race. Atomic fusion has resulted in human confusion. Human thought is obviously frightened. We can all thank God that the solution exists right now, right here, and that we can use that solution right now, right here. Human plight, or human fright, is completely dispelled by divine light...
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John Doorly

GOD AND SCIENCE—Symbols And Their Importance by John Doorly
SYMBOLS ARE NATURAL It is a strange fact that if one talks to the average individual about symbols, he is apt to conclude that one is referring to something that is far removed from daily experience; he believes that symbolism is a subject considered only by the highly educated or the religionist. He does not realize that he himself is using symbols every minute of his life. A symbol is, in fact, simply something that is used to represent something else...
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The Nature of a Christian Science Treatment by John W. Doorly
An excerpt from Volume II of Talks given by John W. Doorly at the OXFORD SUMMER SCHOOL–1949.
Someone has asked me, "How can I use Science?" Well, the fact is that you don't use Science —you let it use you. What you have to do is to culture it, understand it, live it, love it, and then it uses you...
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Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B.

"Science, Understood, Translates Matter ('the Beast' of Revelation) Into Mind"by Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B.
Notes of a meeting held by Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B. in Berkeley, California August 23, 1936
“He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14: 12) Do we believe this statement? Getting rid of a false sense of matter is the only way we are going to find the answer. What does this going “unto the Father” mean? The Father is Spirit; then going unto the Father must mean going from a finite matter basis, to an infinite Spirit basis.

Judge Septimus J. Hanna, C.S.D.

The Absolute and the Relativeby Judge Septimus J. Hanna, C.S.D.
It is of the utmost importance in the study of the Bible and the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, that clear distinction be made between those statements which are absolute in their meaning, which express the spiritual fact, and those which are relative, which express the human sense, the material point of view.

John Hargreaves

John Hargreaves gave "An Address" in Switzerland in 1984 on 'THE LORD'S PRAYER'' and with the gracious permission of The Mulberry Press we share it with you here »

Edward Kimball

HUMANITY'S NORMAL RIGHTS AND POWERS Lecture at Second Church, Chicago, March 12, 1908. By Edward Kimball
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Ronald A. Klette

God Is All
God as SpiritIt is strange how so often, for the lack of a better way of describing Spirit, it is spoken ofas the opposite of matter. I know that Mrs. Eddy says in the textbook, "Science reverses the false testimony ofthe physical senses, and by this reversal mortals arrive at the fundamental facts ofbeing." But Mrs. Eddy understood that ifGod, Spirit, is infinite, and matter certainly is not Spirit, then mat ter must be nonexistent, an illusion, the suppositional opposite of Spirit. This led to her discovery ofChristian Science, and I hardly believe that Mrs. Eddy worked her way up from matter to Spirit. She started at the top with Spirit, and drew all her conclusions from that standpoint, and so should we. Mrs. Eddy, from her spiritual viewpoint, could clearly see that matter was unreal, an illusion. She did not need microscopes or scientific instruments. But when she made her discovery public, she was laughed to scorn. Many ofher own followers hardly believe her even today. They say matter is unreal, but it is just a saying. Read More »


Frances Thurber Seal

The 1929 Association Address The great basic statement of Christian Science, the Scientific Statement of Being, contains enough truth to redeem man and the universe. This statement understood is the greatest healer the world has ever known since the days of Christ Jesus. For many years I wondered why Mrs. Eddy began this statement with a negative, rather than placing the affirmation first, but I finally came to see that the only thing that necessitated Christian Science or mental healing is the one error, the belief of life, truth, substance and intelligence in matter. More »

John Lawrence Sinton

Electricity by John Lawrence Sinton
"Electricity is the sharp surplus of materiality, which counterfeits the true essence of spirituality or truth, — the great difference being that electricity is not intelligence, while spiritual truth is Mind"...(Science & Health, Last Edition, page 293)
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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation
Next to Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy,Presidents Geogre Washington and Abraham Lincoln have always been among the most inspiring to Helen M. Wright. We thought her Readers might enjoy this Proclamation of Lincoln, 1863 More »

Len Haasl McKain

A Lady with a Lamp — Bible Text Psalms by Len Haasl McKain — was recently sung in a local Christian Science Church when the Lesson Sermon was Christian Science. More »

John L. Morgan

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN A Verbatim Report of John L. Morgan’s Colwyn Bay Summer School 1952 - John L. Morgan This report is intended to be read in conjunction with the Bible text. It is not designed to be read alone. Contact us at if you have any problems downloading or navigating More »

Julie Olive Treadwell

Some Scientific Symbolism in the Story, "The Wizard of Oz" by Julie Olive Treadwell
In 1898, Frank Baum wrote what he loudly proclaimed to be a "children's story." Whether he meant it to be more or not we will probably never know but in the light of today's world, understanding it is a wonderful teaching tool. It is truly a marvelous treatment for the ills of the world, when read with the new tongue of the close of the century...More »

The Bible Code by Julie Olive Treadwell
FROM THE BIBLE CODE TO THE KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES Browsing through book stores today, one finds shelves of books discussing Spirituality, New Thought, and Self-Help. They all broadcast a similar message. Yet the book upon which they are all based is practically hidden. The person (woman) who walked this earth over a hundred years ago, who founded this message in human consciousness, is still mostly unknown even today. More »

The System of the Divine Infinite Calculus by Julie Olive Treadwell
We are here today to talk about Christian Science. We are not merely considering religion, we are considering Science. There is no time element in Science. Mrs. Eddy tells us, "Christ's Christianity is the chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages, maintaining its correspondence with the Scriptures and uniting all periods in the design of God." She also tells us in Science and Health p 546 line 23, "Christian Science is dawning upon a material age. The great spiritual facts of being, like rays of light, shine in the darkness, though the darkness, comprehending them not, may deny their reality. The proof that the system stated in this book is Christianly scientific resides in the good this system accomplishes, for it cures on a divine demonstrable Principle which all may understand." Read More »

Joyellen Reaves

God The Only PowerJoyellen Reaves
ALMOST everything in our house and life today is electified. How many homes and businesses come to a complete stop when the power (flow of electricity) ceases? Electricity was not an integral part of the lives of people when Mrs. Eddy discovered Christian Science. Their homes, shops, and streets were lit by lanterns. Heating and cooking were done with burnable fuel or steam heat. But our Leader learned mortal mind's claim that electricity was power... More »

Lucy Hays Reynolds & Joseph W. Reynolds

EXPERIENCING THE PRESENCE OF GODWhere is God? Paul tells us, "In him we live, and move, and have our being." Just what is presence? Who knows what presence is? Is God here? If so, where is here? We say God is omnipesence, but where is omnipresence? What does omnipresence mean to you? More »

AN OPEN VISION A new day is ahead of us, and as we see its vision, we cannot but be filled with hope and encouragement. But if we are to work on a higher basis of inspiration, realization, and revelation, we need new mental equipment which comes to us naturally through unfoldment and spiritual growth. One of the particular needs of the hour is open vision and illumination. And so our subject is - An Open Vision. »

Ernest C. Rodwick

The Psychologist and The Magician— A Psychological Study in Story Form. By Ernest C. Rodwick 1920. In the early part of the Twentieth Century (or, to be more definite, in 1910) when the educational world was challenged to unravel the mysteries of what is known as Magic or Black Art, the faculty of Heidelberg University became greatly interested in the subject, and much discussion followed among the learned men as to the utility of investigating such a subject. Read More »

Frederick L. Rawson

Frederick L. Rawson & The Christian Science Movement
Mr. Rawson's work was rejected by the Christian Science Organization but disseminated through New Thought; these teachings and the study accomplished in England by John Doorly and his students would otherwise have been accepted by the Christian Science Movement, not inhibited by wide spread excommunication and a policy of reading only Authorized Literature.  Read More »

Martha Wilcox

What is War? by Martha Wilcox
Just what is war? According to the religious thought instructed in Christian Science, war is a warfare between Truth and error. A mental conflict between spiritual sense and material sense; a conflict between the flesh and the spirit which is spoken of in both the Bible and our text-book. And far too much is made of this seeming warfare, for we who are metaphysicians are proving each day, that in the realm of infinite Good there is not both good and evil, but Good only. Hence, there is no warfare...
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DNA - Reality vs Myth
Databases and Scripts If we use the Science of today we can better understand God and Man and lift thought and reasoning above the commonly misunderstood concept of DNA. The physical scientist tell us that each individual comes into the world with their own DNA--In lay terms DNA is the building blocks of your being or identity. Read More »

Electricity compiled by Ann Beals
In the third edition of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy speaks of the "electricity of mortal mind" and calls it "the essence of mortal and erring mind that counterfeits that essence of unerring and eternal Mind, termed Holy Ghost."...
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