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What is Christian Science treatment?    Absolute acknowledgment of present perfection.
Quote by Mary Baker Eddy - Blue book p.247 (See Richard F. Oakes under Author)
  "I was a scribe under orders." 
  Clara Barton, Founder of The American Red Cross,
talks about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science
Clara Barton Talks About Mary Baker Eddy
Healings from reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
Christian Science Healings - 101 pages
  What is Christian Science?  
Christian Science is the explication of Truth, reducing to human apprehension and demonstration the infinite Principle, divine Love, God-manifested in the annihilation of sin, sickness, and death.
Christian Science is Christ Science, or Immanuel knowledge, and involves the ultimate of all reason, revelation and inspiration.
 Quote of Mary Baker Eddy published in the Redbook page 73 compiled by Richard F. Oakes
  Mary Baker Eddy
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(1)   Julia Ward Howe
(2)   Mildred LeBlond
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The Individual Christian Scientist
Volume 20 - Number 2 - 4 pgs PDF
  Doris Grekel
1 "EVER since the foundation of the world ••• evil has tried to slay the Lamb" (S&H). From the time that Mary Baker Eddy stepped forth as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science she was evil's primary target. She suffered greatly from unending attacks before she fully uncovered the workings of evil in the summer of 1880."...

... "The severest attack of all came in 1907 and was called the Next Friends' Suit. It was a diabolical scheme to have Mrs. Eddy declared incompetent and to take possession of her person and her property. It was her body they were about to lay hold on which circumstance forced her to a higher understanding of body."...

... "After her move to Massachusetts in January of 1908 she decided to teach her unfoldment to Edward A. Kimball
and have him in turn teach it to his students." ... (article by Edward A. Kimball - below)


The Individual Christian Scientist - Vol 20  N. 2 - 4pgs
Body - 1886  - 4 pages - PDF Mary Baker Eddy
Mary Baker Eddy

The following article by Mary Baker Eddy is verified-Registrar of Copyright, Congressional Library. Washington D. C. January 19,1886. "The term Mind and body I understand to mean God and man; man the manifestation and embodiment of Mind is the body of Mind, is the Infinite aggregation of spiritual ideas forever held, controlled, and governed by the law of Life, harmony, and completeness, so man was never born, never had a claim, never sinned, never left heaven, but is spiritual, perfect, harmonious and eternal. This understanding is the savior to our belief of understanding, is the savior to our belief of body, the law of recovery of every and any claim of error. There is just one God and one body. I am the image and likeness of God; no mortal mind can confine this image in a mortal body, harm or touch it in any way, Mind has set me free from every error. Divine Love fills every avenue, flows through every channel and removes every obstruction. Man has no material body through which to express anything; his body is the body of God.


Body by Mary Baker Eddy - PDF

Body  - Letter to Students - 8 pages - PDF Edward Kimball
Edward Kimball

This written word that I am giving you is for your own individual perusal and study. It is not to be given out to others until you know enough Love to protect yourself from all belief of reaction from the seeming power of evil, and for the reason that you and I know much of Truth, we must be careful how we let it be known. It is an astounding depravity of mortal mind that shows itself in envy and jealousy concerning those who really know something that seems novel or extraordinary.
We must even be careful about our testimonials in Church, for those who do not instantly understand us are liable to chemicalize and to make us trouble. We all bring upon ourselves a lot of mental sizzling by reason of un tempered zeal. Hardly one in a thousand is ready for an advanced idea such as we are ready to give out even in our testimonies in Church or otherwise publicly. We must even be careful about giving this Truth out silently to patients until we have grown into a spiritual
fitness, into spiritual nearness to God. There are some seeming forms of error that require lots of Love's reflection on our part for us to be able to destroy.

As Christian Scientists we miss God so much because we do not always realize that He is right with us. We have to see God through that which manifests good. Then, gaining the right idea of anything, we find God with us. We must anchor ourselves in that right thought. We must cling to Truth no matter what error may say about seeming failures. It is God with us that supplies all wisdom, strength, power and need, silences grief and exterminates all evils, and knowing this - is to be spiritually minded - is to know the Truth and to demonstrate it. When man does not know this he is simply dead.


Letter to Students - Body by Edward Kimball

Body - 6 pages - PDF Bicknell Young
Bicknell Young

So-called material things are never entities, never existing things.  They are figures or symbols, standing for true value or for divine ideas, just as the figure or symbol “2” stands for an unchanging value in mathematics, or a note or symbol “do” stands for an eternal note in music.

As students of Christian Science, we understand that these figures or symbols that seem to constitute man or body are not the way false sense or educated belief is interpreting them. Everything that constitutes man or body is as it is in Truth . . expressions or forms of the divine. In music or mathematics, we use the symbols or figures, but all the time we are considering the eternal verities or divine ideas just at hand. 

There is a woeful lack of understanding among Christian Scientists in regard to their present body. This lack of understanding of our body keeps us from showing forth better bodies. If we wish to heal quickly and permanently as Jesus did, we must understand our present body as body is. And it is essential that we practice this understanding in order to give the
world the true sense of the body Jesus had.


Body by Bicknell Young - PDF

Body - Association Address - 1938 - 12 pages - PDF Martha Wilcox
Martha Wilcox

In giving the lesson “Body” last year, it was my hope that it would prove helpful to those who were making the mental
understanding that their present body is divine and spiritual.

And today my hope is that this lesson on “Body” will help all of us to give up some of the misconceptions we have concerning our so-called human body and its functions which will help us establish in our consciousness the spiritual ideas that are the

We should be alert and daily spiritualize our thought about our present body, because the belief is very prevalent that the body is separate from the mind, and that the body in and of itself performs all functions; whereas, it is the God-Mind that
consciously performs all functions that appear in outward manifestations to us as bodily functions.

Many of us fail to make practical the fact that our present mind is not in our body, but our present body is embraced in our mind. We fail to recognize the fact that our present body is either the phenomena of right ideas, or the phenomena of false beliefs. And we fail to recognize the fact that we individually govern our own body and delineate upon it either right ideas or false beliefs, whichever we are entertaining in consciousness.


Body by Martha Wilcox - 12 pgs

Body Governed Through Spiritual Understanding - MP3 - 54 min Patricia Webb 
Body Governed Through Spiritual Understanding
Patricia Webb

The spiritual insight offered in this talk given by the well-known Patricia Webb is sure to stir thought to gravitate toward a more spiritual dimension.


Body Governed Through Sp Understanding - MP3

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Divine Mind Governs the Human Body - MP3 -  8 min Helen Wood Bauman - Read by Tom Nicol 
Divine Mind Governs the Human Body
Helen Wood Bauman

This informative talk given by the well known Helen Wood Bauman will enlighten the seeker of Truth.


Divine Mind Governs the Human Body - MP3

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Binding the Power of Pain - MP3 - 9 min  Read by Tom Nicol
Binding the Power of Pain
Read by Tom Nicol

This helpful article read by Tom Nicol will offer insight into how to resolve the belief of pain.


Binding the Power of Pain - MP3

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Remedy for Pain - MP3 - 7 min  Read by Tom Nicol
Remedy For Pain From Peeves
Read by Tom Nicol

This thought-provoking article read by Tom Nicol offers more ideas on body and remedies for the belief pain.


Remedy for Pain From Peeves - MP3

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  New Author - Julia Ward Howe  
Vision of 1908 Julie Ward Howe
Vision of
Julia Ward Howe

The following excerpt is from Helen Wright's book: America: Cradle for the Second Coming

The following remarkable vision of Julia Ward Howe was published in the July 18, 1908 Christian Science Sentinel, Vol. X, No. 46. Its title, But Their Eyes Were Holden, no doubt refers to the general public's unawareness that the very condition Mrs. Howe saw as a possibility for the future was actually an accomplished fact through Christian Science – that the unnumbered thousands healed and regenerated in Christian Science constituted the "vast host," seen in her vision:
One night recently I experienced a sudden awakening. I had a vision of a new era which is to dawn for mankind and in which men and women are battling, equally, untidily, for the uplifting and emancipating of the race from evil. I saw men and women of every clime working like bees to unwrap the evils of society, and to discover the whole web of vice and misery and to apply the remedies and also to find the influences that should best counteract evil and its attending suffering.
There seemed to be a new, a wondrous, ever-permeating light, the glory of which I cannot attempt to put into human words--the light of the newborn hope and sympathy blazing. The source of this light was born of human endeavor, immortal purpose of countless thousands of men and women who were equally doing their part in the worldwide battle with evil, and whose energy was bended to tear the mask from error, crime, superstition, greed, and to discover and apply the remedy.

I saw men and women, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder, a common lofty and indomitable purpose lighting every face with a glory not of this earth. All were advancing with one end in view, one foe to trample, one everlasting good to gain. I saw them advancing like a mighty army, laden with the fruits of their research, their study, their endeavor, in this battle with the powers of darkness, and ready to tear vice from the earth, to strip away all of selfishness, greed, and rapine. Then I seemed to see them stoop down to their fellows and to lift them higher, higher, and yet higher. Men and women, a vast host, whom none could number, working untidily, equally, with superhuman energy, all for the extirpation of the blackness of vice and for the weal of the race.

And then I saw the victory!

All of evil was gone from the earth. Misery was blotted out. Mankind was emancipated and ready to march forward in a new era of human understanding, all-encompassing sympathy, and ever-present help.
The era of perfect love, of peace passing understanding.

(Originally printed in The Boston Sunday American of June 28, 1908.)

In Julia Ward Howe's vision, the veil which obscures the ever-present millennium was lifted--as Mary Baker Eddy had already, in actual practice, been lifting it for forty-two years. 

The Battle Hymn of the Republic Julie Ward Howe
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Julia Ward Howe, Author 1861

Audio courtesy of Odetta, vocalist
The Battle Hymn of the Republic - MP3 by Odetta
Lyrics   History of the Lyrics
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord,
He is trampling out the vintage  where the grapes of wrath are stored,
He hath loosed his fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword,
His truth is marching on.

Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on

I have seen Him in the watch fires of a hundred circling camps,
They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps,
I can read his righteous sentence in the dim and daring lamps,
His day is marching on.

Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah!  His day is marching on

I have read a fiery Gospel writ in burnished rows of steel,
"As ye deal with My contemners so with you My grace shall deal,"
Let the Hero born of woman crush the serpent with His heel,
Since God is marching on.

Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah!  Since God is marching on

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat,
He is sitting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat,
Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! Be jubilant, my feet,
Our God is marching on.

Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah!  Our God is marching on

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me,
As He died to make men holy let us die to make men free,
While God is marching on.

Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah!  While God is marching on

He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave,
He is Wisdom to the mighty, He is Succour to the brave,
So the world shall be His footstool, and the soul of Time His slave,
Our God is marching on.

Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah
Glory! Glory ! Hallelujah! Our God is marching on
  Julia Ward Howe wrote the lyrics to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic" after visiting a Union Army Camp on the Potomac River near Washington D.C. in December of 1861. Her ancestors were famous during The American Revolutionary War.

- While visiting the army camp, she heard a favorite marching song of the Union Army. The song was set to the melody from the parody song “John Brown’s Body.” The John Brown in the song referred to a Scottish Sergeant in the 12th Massachusetts Regiment, not John Brown the famous abolitionist.

- The song's melody was made famous before the Civil War by a South Carolinian choirmaster and organist named William Steffe. He is believed to have written the melody in 1856. The song was originally titled “Say Brothers Will You Meet Us.”

- Reverend James Freeman Clark challenged Julia Ward Howe into writing a poem with a more powerful message for the marching song.

- That same night Julia Ward Howe dreamed the first line and awoke with it on her mind in the middle of the night. She wrote the entire poem by candle light before dawn. She forced herself up from her sleep because she was fearful that if she did not immediately write the poem she would forget it.

- The Atlantic Monthly paid her five dollars for the poem and published it in 1862, James T. Field of The Atlantic Monthly named the poem “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

- The chaplain of the 122nd Ohio Regiment taught it to Union soldiers every where.

- It is said that President Abraham Lincoln was so moved by the song, he wept when he heard it.

A BIG THANK YOU to Special Needs Music for the above research.
  New Author - Mildred LeBlond  
Association Address 1942 - applies directly to NOW Mildred LeBlond CSB
Association Address of 1942
Mildred LeBlond


Belief of War - Issues of War, Offensive and Defensive, Bombing, Invasion, Shortage
Individual Freedom
Greater, Not Lesser
Advancing Footsteps
Kingdom of God Within
Science of Chistianity
City Foursquare
Generic Man

  Introduction - first part  

Today we meet anew in the joyous, profitable understanding of the one Mind, one Being. This Association of students has assembled here in demonstration of that one indivis­ible Being. This meeting, then, is no ordinary event. We may know and expect that the ideas which are here today revealed in individual consciousness, or the individual expression of Mind, will help change world beliefs in sin, disease, death, and war. This is our purpose. This is our reason for being.

You have not come merely to listen to someone read a paper. You are here to unfold the one infinitely good Mind, your Mind, which Christian Scientists understand as God.

The Lord's Prayer says,
 "Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." Where is this heaven? It is the appearing of divine ideas in your divine consciousness.

In my paper today, I am presenting for your consideration and our unfoldment the following points:

1. The handling of the belief of war from the standpoint of divine Being.

2. The importance of individual freedom and the divine basis of this idea.

3. The need to protect the Constitution of the United States  because of its relationship to the Christian Science Movement.

4. The understanding of our individual divine con- sciousness as
 • the Kingdom of God within
 • the City Foursquare
• the demonstration of its complete fulfillment - as universal Being or generic man.


Association Address - 1942 - Mildred LeBlond CSB

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  New Author - Ames Nowel  
The Decalogue - Its Spiritual Significance
10 Commandments
Ames Nowell
The Decalogue - Its Spiritual Significance
Ames Nowell

And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. - EXODUS 20: 1,2.

In the foregoing Preamble to the Decalogue Moses revealed that the Ten Commandments, which he was about to give to the children of Israel, had a truly divine source. He, Moses, was not their authorl It was the eternal Elohim of the first chapter of Genesis, not the Jehovah of Jewish tribal tradition, who spake. Thus, the Decalogue, having its origin in the highest and most spiritual sense of Deity, must have had a far deeper and more penetrating religious significance than is generally realized.

The Almighty God, Elohim, or infinite Spirit, would hardly have been concerned with the task of providing a series of "Thou shalt not" admonitions to compel mortals to conform to mere human rules of conduct. Actually, the Supreme Being is cognizant only of the "things that be of God." He has no knowledge of fleshly ways and means. Consequently, had the object underlying the writing of the Ten Commandments been solely that of counselling mortals in their attitudes toward God and each other, Moses would have used the name Jehovah rather than Elohim to identify God. This great Hebrew prophet well knew the tremendous difference in meaning between these two Scriptural terms for the Holy One. Therefore, he employed that name for Deity which best illustrated the divine source of the Decalogue. Indeed, Moses' logic was unerring.


 The Decalogue - Its Spiritual Significance - PDF

  New Author - Helen Spangler  
Association Addresses - 1960 to 1963   Helen Spangler
    Helen Spangler - New Author
It is becoming well known that our thinking determines our experience. But when we are in need of help and healing, how to
we change how we think? This change comes when our understanding of Christian Science spiritualizes the inmost thoughts.
Through study and prayer we learn that we are each independently dependent on God for all things. He brings into our experience all the good that belongs to us. This spiritual enlightenment unfolds first in the heart of consciousness, and then objectifies itself in better health, greater supply, and happier relationships.

These four addresses by Helen Spangler take us beneath the surface of our thinking into the inner thoughts where we find
that infinite good is ours as we realize that God is the great Giver. Whether the good we are seeking is health, friendship, or supply, it unfolds first through a better understanding of God and our relationship to Him. It begins subjectively.

Helen Spangler is especially clear on demonstrating our needs by seeking them first in the inmost thoughts. She shows how
this inner self can be penetrated with spiritual understanding. On reading her addresses, it is obvious that she writes from understanding and not from theory.

Very little is known about Mrs. Spangler. That she was an outstanding teacher is obvious from reading her addresses. She
was married and had two daughters. A friend gave her Science and Health, and it has been said that once she opened the book
she never put it down. She had Christian Science class instruction from George Shaw Cook, and was a practitioner and teacher in Los Angeles, California, from the 1930s until 1964. Many articles by her were published in the Christian Science periodicals. She did extraordinary healing work. She once said she had seen everything healed but leprosy. Soon after that a leper came to be healed, and she healed him.

Each year Mrs. Spangler taught a class of thirty students and held a meeting of her association of students. She wrote an
original address to read on this special day. Only eight of her addresses were printed and distributed to her students. The first
four have been published in the book, Man's Relationship to God. In these last four addresses she continues to define with special insight her understanding of the subjective nature of being.
Ann Beals - Publisher

Thank you Ann Beals of for your generous contribution of the intro and the text of these Association Addresses.  See link below to order print editions.

The PDF publications below are available for FREE download.
Vol 1 - 4 Association Addresses - Man's Relationship to God
  Vol 1 - 4 Assoc Addresses by Helen Spangler
Vol 2 - 4 Association Addresses - God the Source of All Good
  Vol 2 - 4 Assoc Addresses by Helen Spangler
  Vol 1 and 2 - Eight Association Addresses by Helen Spangler - 188 pages - ORDER PRINT EDITIONS from
  Vol 1 and 2 - Eight Assoc Addresses - Order Print Ed
Mary Baker Eddy's Last Four Written Words - Analysis of
"God is My Life
  Fernand E. d'Humy
Fernand d'Humy was Research director for the Western Union Telegraph Company.  He was a physical scientist of international reputation.

He did not state he studied Christian Science or claimed to be associated with Christian Science.  He apparently knew nothing of the "Science" or “system” of Christian Science.  However his analysis is in line with the "Science" and "system" of Christian Science.

Fernand E. d'Humy provides a deep spiritual analysis of Mary Baker Eddy's last four written words, "God is my Life".

Everything about this last statement reveals deep meaning far beyond what anyone imagines until one studies the scientific discovery made by him which adds a complete new dimension to what was previously thought to be a simple statement.

You will be uplifted by careful study of his work.
Fernand E. d'Humy Index  
Biography of Mary Baker Eddy   Doris Grekel
Christian Scientists and the entire world are indebted to Doris Grekel for the results of her thorough research set forth in her publications.  
  A.  The Womanhood of God - written in three volumes:
1.  The Discovery of the Science of Man covering the period of 1821-1888
2.  The Founding of Christian Science covering the period of 1888-1900
3.  The Forever Leader covering the period of 1901-1910
Doris Grekel Index  
Founder of American Red Cross - FREE PDF download   Clara Barton
Clara Barton - Christian Science
CLARA Barton is best known as the founder of the American Red Cross. Fifty years ago she was included in every American history book, and encyclopedias today describe her as a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a patriot, "a great American woman who devoted her life to the good of humanity."

Clara Barton was born in Oxford, Massachusetts the same year that Mary Baker was born in Bow, New Hampshire. In 1907, at 86 years of age, Miss Barton was publishing the Story of My Childhood. At that time some newspapers and magazines had been publishing lies and malicious attacks upon Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science for over a year until the Discoverer and her discovery were on every tongue and daily press copy for all the papers.

Early in January of 1908 Viola Rodgers interviewed Miss Clara Barton asking the latter's opinion of the much discussed Leader [Mary Baker Eddy] and her religion. Miss Rodgers' story appeared as follows the next day in the New York American.        >>FREE download of talk<<
Clara Barton Talks About Mary Baker Eddy
Three New Books for FREE PDF download   Margaret J. Jewson
  An advanced student who is a veteran of the "system" and "Science" of Christian Science blesses us with deep research on important topics.

1.  Elijah and Elisha - 69 pages
Each of the seven synonyms are investigated in detail as they relate to the demonstrated nature and activities of Elijah and Elisha.

2.  Let There Be Light - 139 pages
The majority of people, including those who love it (Bible) most, feel that many passages contradict each other, and they dislike a great deal of the Old Testament because of the atrocities and cruelty depicted in so many of the stories.

But recent research has brought to light some wonderful facts about the Bible.........

3.  The Fundamental Simplicity of the Divine Plan - 29 pages
The "seven" are first set out in the days of creation which open the Bible, and are crystalized by Mrs. Eddy in the answer to the question, "What is God?"  The "four" also permeate both (Bible and Science & Health) books, and perhaps are most easily recognized in the four of the Gospels, each of which presents the same story, but from different standpoints.                      

An overview of the "seven" and the "four".
  Margaret J. Jewson Index
Entire Message of Mary Baker Eddy Captured in Two Famous Paintings Drawn by Hand of God  
"Daniel in the Lions' Den" Spiritual Interpretation of Paintings of Briton Riviére - 1915   David N. Baxter
"Daniel" by Briton Riviére - 1872 "Daniel's Answer to the King" by Briton Riviére - 1890
Daniel in the Lions Den by Briton Riviere 1872   Daniel's Answer to the King by Briton Riviere  1890
"A Little Voyage Amid the Symbols" by David N. Baxter, relating the lions to specific Bible verses, reveals the hidden symbols in the two famous paintings of "Daniel" (1872) and "Daniel's Answer to the King" (1890) by master artist Briton Riviére.  The artist did not realize what was accomplished until 47 years later when Bible scholar and advanced Christian Scientist, David N. Baxter, provided him a copy of his book in 1919, four years after publication, along with a letter of inquiry.  You will be surprised with the artist's answer.

Our eternal gratitude to for this valuable 46 minute recording contributed to the Institute.
"A Little Voyage Amid the Symbols" by David N. Baxter - 46 minute mp3 download FREE.
Daniel in the Lions' Den - David N. Baxter
Mary Baker Eddy Hymns, Bible verses, and other lyrics   Kenny Baker, honey-voiced tenor, CS Practitioner
Kenny Baker - Honey Voiced Singer 
Kenny Baker
Kenneth Laurence "Kenny" Baker was an American singer and actor who first gained notice as the featured singer on radio's The Jack Benny Program during the 1930s.  He appeared in seventeen film musicals and also Broadway productions.

He became a Christian Science practitioner and motivational speaker, and recorded a number of albums especially for inspiration from Bible verses and Mary Baker Eddy's "seven hymns" taken from "Poem's" one of the 17 books written by her.  One of these
"seven hymns" are sung each Sunday in Christian Science churches throughout the world.

There seems to be no better way to convey the "deeper spiritual insight" of Mary Baker Eddy in her "Poems" and the Bible verses than through Soul manifesting itself as world-renown vocalist, Kenny Baker.

A BIG THANK YOU to for their professional conversion from the original historic recordings by Kenny Baker.
Kenny Baker Index  - 39 Solos  
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