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  "Divine Love is Present"  
  "I was a scribe under orders." 
"So let us be awake to the demands of the hour whenever we hear of a meeting or a conference taking place. It may change the whole history of the world. Let us remember that divine Love is present at those meetings to save, to unite, and to show the way, and that animal magnetism cannot operate at any time, through any channel, or in any way to separate people or nations. Let us see that there's one Principle, one power, governing, and that that one Principle is divine Love." How Divine Love Meets the Human Need, by Clifford and Daisy Stamp, p. 88.
How Divine Love Meets the Human Need - PDF
  "Eternal man recognized"  
"A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error, until the entire mortal, material error finally disappears, and the eternal verity, man created by and of Spirit, is understood and recognized as the true likeness of his Maker". Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 252:9.
  Mary Baker Eddy
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  The Scientific Statement of Being  
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures   Mary Baker Eddy
"Question. -- What is the scientific statement of being?"
"Answer. -- There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual." (S&H p. 468)
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The Scientific Statement of Being
Association Address 1987
  William H. Alton
"The ss of b [scientific statement of being] is the essence or summary of this chapter [recapitulation], the second longest in the textbook. Anyone who wants to understand the statement must digest the absolute metaphysics in the chapter, devoted to explaining 'being,' and its science, or that which 'is.' Here is the revelation of all reality or truth that's demonstrable when understood, and yet the world knows not." (page 2)  
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How to Demonstrate Christian Science
Using the basic "Key" of the Scientific Statement of Being
  Edward L. Kramer
"'God is the Principle of divine metaphysics. As there is but one God, there can be but one divine Principle of all Science; and there must be fixed rules for the demonstration of this divine Principle.' S.H. 112-118"

"Using the basic 'Key' of the Scientific Statement of Being, the author has herein set forth these fixed rules for the certain demonstration of Christian Science." (Title page, emphasis added)
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Scientific Translation   John L. Morgan
"An exploration of the spiritual meaning and implications of the 'Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind' and the 'Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind' which are found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy." (Subtitle)  
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  Clifford & Daisy Stamp  
How Divine Love Meets the Human Need
A verbatim report of talks given in Bristol-England in 1950
  Clifford & Daisy Stamp
Excerpt from Introductory Note:

"This book is a verbatim report of a week's talks given by Clifford and Daisy Stamp, and has been published in response to many requests. These talks conclude a series on the synonymous terms for God as given by Mary Baker Eddy in her textbook, viz. Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love; * these terms have been considered as they operate in the divine infinite calculus of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science. This particular report considers the nature of God as Love.

* See page 465 of Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy"
How Divine Love Meets the Human Need by Clifford & Daisy Stamp - PDF download - 213 pgs:  
How Divine Love Meets the Human Need - PDF  
More publications by Clifford & Daisy Stamp, and Rosalie Maas:  
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  Katherine M. Yates  
On the Way There
A Wonder Tale for Boys and Girls,
Both Little and "Grown Tall"
  Katherine M. Yates
Mrs. Eddy's recommendation in the Christian Science Sentinel of August 27, 1904, page 828:

"A Little Gem

I recommend to Christian Scientists, and to all lovers of truth, to read the little book, On the Way There, by Katherine M. Yates. It is scientific, simple. It is an object lesson for each one of us to learn the meaning of this saying of our Master: 'Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.' Mary B. G. Eddy, Pleasant View Concord, N H August 18, 1904."

Excerpt from PREFACE:

"An allegory may tell much or little, according as the reader reads between the lines or sees only the printed page. The story is but the symbol of a greater truth lying behind and inspiring it, just as man, as we seem to see him, is but the imperfect symbol of the perfect man which is, the only man, the man which we should learn to recognize despite the appearance which he seems to show to us."
On the Way There by Katherine M. Yates - PDF downloads as text or scanned version:  
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  May Rimes Hutson C.S.  
Dominion of the Covenant
Bible Commentary
  May Rimes Hutson
Mrs. Hutson was a Journal listed Christian Science practitioner known to be highly effective and to demonstrate instant healings. She was appointed by the Christian Science Board of Directors to give addresses to Associations whose teachers had passed on. She was also a Bible scholar, whose serious study of the Bible began in her youth and lead her to write "Dominion of the Covenant".

Let this extraordinary commentary open the door of your consciousness to the beauty and lessons deeply embedded in the Bible. The spiritual journey of the major biblical characters will thrill the seeking heart with the explicit intricacies deeply hidden and revealed to us by this spiritually enlightened author.  This comprehensive reference book quotes from worldwide recognized Bible translations and commentaries and applies the Science of Christian Science to the profound spiritual significance related in the lives recorded in the Bible.
  FORWORD by the Author  
"This book is a commentary on the Bible, amplified and reamplified by a search for the heavenly sense of the Word. It is also a retelling of the Bible stories.

Scripture is full of mysteries, a storehouse of heavenly things. Every word has its secrets. Every sentence sounds a chord in the grand symphony of the music of God. To discover these heavenly mysteries has been the object of the author.

May this volume encourage the reader to embark on a divine adventure, to see and to discover for himself the spiritual import, or heavenly sense, of the Scriptures." (p. xii)
Dominion of the Covenant by May Rimes Hutson - PDF download 691 pgs:  
The Dominion of the Covenant - PDF  
Index page with this and other writings by May Rimes Hutson:  
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  Mildred L. LeBlond C.S.B.  
1943 Address to her Association - Excerpt:
Individual Industry
  Mildred L. LeBlond

"Individual industry has been the backbone of the growth of America. Nay more, we may say that individual industry conceived this country and its possibilities. When certain individuals in England called the Puritans realized there was no religious or economic freedom to be had there, they started out to establish a new religious and economic order. The first step in this direction was to Holland, but evidently the law already existing there prevented the freedom these individuals knew was possible, so they came to a new world where no set form of governmental enslavement existed. Here they would be free to set up a form of government, which would give the individual religious and economic freedom."

1943 Individual Industry by Mildred L. LeBlond, notes by Lois Over - PDF DOWNLOAD - 3 pgs:  
1943 Individual Industry - PDF  
For many other Association Addresses by and Biography of Mildred L. LeBlond click index button below.  
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With much gratitude to LeBlond's students for making these available!  
  Yvonne Reus  
The Comforter Physics to Metaphysics   Yvonne Reus
The Comforter Physics to Metaphysics Physicists have discovered a truth about reality that eliminates the conflict between science, religion, and medicine. This discovery utterly demolishes the universal belief in “matter.” It ushers in a new view of reality where the things we see as being “out there” are now known to be in our mind, or consciousness, under our control.

Since the science is universal, mind, or consciousness, must be also. We determine, with our mind, what appears to be “out there.” Of course, this amazing fact has been the actual truth of universal science all along! Accepting it as fact changes literally everything for mankind. So why, I ask, aren’t physicists out there in public, holding seminars, speaking to colleges, classrooms, doctors, religious leaders, TV ads, etc., flooding the world with the wonderful ramifications of their discovery? Could it possibly be that they have not yet fully grasped them?

For instance, their discovery explains “miracles.” There really aren’t any! Nothing is done without mind. My spiritual beliefs, which are based on the teachings of Christian Science, have long held that the mind, or consciousness of the universe, is Mind, God.
Having used this “new physics” of mind science for many years, I have seen it proven in my own and others’ lives. We can know that the circumstances of our lives are subject to the ever-operative Science of the universe…this Science being what man has long called God. The Bible [I use the King James Version] is full of this science, now believed to be “miracles” by most people. I look into the Bible stories from the “new science” point of view. I also investigate the life of Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. Her revelation of the Science of Mind came to her before today’s physicists’ discovery. Using the wonderful Science, she healed hundreds and taught others how to do it using the same Truth. This Christian Science brought science and religion together for the first time, with huge consequences for mankind. My goal and endeavor with this book is to introduce you to the little known Universal Science, discovered by the physicists and Mrs. Eddy, which is impinging itself upon mortal beliefs with its saving message.

The Comforter - Volume I - PDF Yvonne Reus Index
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  Peggy M. Brook  
The Line of Light   Peggy M. Brook

"At certain stages in the development of the vast complex of unfolding Truth, it is of value to trace its main line of development from the point when it dawned on the human scene until the present moment. To itself Truth always has been and always will be infinitely complete and fulfilled, but to human sense it unfolds along a definite line of light.

"We are concerned here with the line of light which made itself visible through the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, through Christianity, and in our age through the Science of Christianity, which its discoverer, Mary Baker Eddy, termed 'Christian Science.' Naturally, Truth is infinitely vaster than these channels, but nevertheless a distinct line of light can be seen patterned and interpreted through them, its changing form being reflected in universal thought and experience."

The Line of Light - Peggy M. Brook  
  W. Gordon Brown  
Christ Jesus and Christian Science:
God's "Two Witnesses"
  W. Gordon Brown

"It was the prophet Zephaniah who foresaw that in the days when the world would be shaken to its foundations God would 'turn to the people a pure language' that they might 'all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent' (Zeph. 3 :9). The events of the day of Pentecost, recorded in the second chapter of Acts, prefigured the coming of this universal language. Its living actuality speaks today as the 'language' of Christian Science.

"The book of Zephaniah is one of the prophetic writings which bring the Old Testament to a close and open the door to the New. But the prophets of the first millennium B.C. were largely responsible for the whole of the Old Testament. It is not surprising to find, therefore, that the line of spiritual light which begins in the first chapter of Genesis, and travels through four thousand years of Bible history to the end of the Old Testament, is all gathered and focused in the consummate spiritual message of the recorded prophecies."

Christ Jesus and Christian Science - W. Gordon Brown  
  John W. Doorly  
Development of
Christian Science Practice
(From a verbatim report of Talks)
  John W. Doorly

"You remember Mrs. Eddy's statement, 'I long to see the consummation of my hope, namely, the student's higher attainments in this line of light' (S. & H. 367 :27-29). Mrs. Eddy evidently expected 'higher attainments,' and those 'higher attainments' include healing.

"When I came into the Christian Science movement in 1902, it was a deeply religious, earnest, sincere movement. It knew God as Mind, and that the outcome of Mind was thought, or spiritual thinking, but it hadn't really grasped the fact of idea, although it was clearly stated in 'Science and Health.' Until you think in the realm of Science, you don't really grasp the meaning of idea. In those days the majority of Christian Scientists talked rather vaguely about thought, consciousness, and so on, which were all good concepts, but they didn't see the nature of idea. At that time God was thought of mainly as Love, as well as Mind, and a certain amount of mental healing was done through a great sense of the divine Love which casts out fear. This sense of Love brought about much earnestness and made the Christian Scientists very good to each other, but at that time the healing was mental healing in most cases - it wasn't scientific healing at all."

Development of Christian Science Practice - Doorly  
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  Helen M. Wright  
Publications   Helen M. Wright
1 Helen M. Wright, the Founder of this Institute, wrote some 14 books on the subject of Christian Science.

Helen’s first book, “Mary Baker Eddy: A New Look”, is a perfect introduction to the body of her work.

Next were a series of six books derived from Mrs. Eddy’s very First Edition of Science and Health”, published in 1875. The first three of these are titled, appropriately, “God’s Great Scientist” volumes I, II, and III. A seventh book based on the final edition of “Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures”, is titled “Your Divinity Revealed” and is a thorough study of the seven synonyms.

Helen Wright's books can be downloaded from the index page. Hard copies of many of her books are also available upon request, free of charge, although we gratefully accept donations.
Helen M. Wright - Index of all publications
  Doris Grekel  
Biography of Mary Baker Eddy   Doris Grekel
Christian Scientists and the entire world are indebted to Doris Grekel for the results of her thorough research set forth in her publications.  
  A.  The Womanhood of God - written in three volumes:
1.  The Discovery of the Science of Man covering the period of 1821-1888
2.  The Founding of Christian Science covering the period of 1888-1900
3.  The Forever Leader covering the period of 1901-1910
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  What is Christian Science?  
  What is Christian Science Healing?  
"Christian Science is the explication of Truth, reducing to human apprehension and demonstration the infinite Principle, divine Love, God-manifested in the annihilation of sin, sickness, and death. Christian Science is Christ Science, or Immanuel knowledge, and involves the ultimate of all reason, revelation and inspiration." Mary Baker Eddy from Essays and Other Footprints Left by Mary Baker Eddy p. 72-73, compiled by Richard F. Oakes.
"Absolute acknowledgment of present perfection." Mary Baker Eddy from Course in Divinity and Collectanea p. 247, compiled by Richard F. Oakes.
Healings from studying Christian Science and by reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy:
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