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What is Christian Science treatment?    Absolute acknowledgment of present perfection.
Quote by Mary Baker Eddy - Blue book p.247 (See Richard F. Oakes under Author)
  "I was a scribe under orders." 
  Clara Barton, Founder of The American Red Cross,
talks about Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science
Clara Barton Talks About Mary Baker Eddy
Healings from reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
Christian Science Healings - 101 pages
  What is Christian Science?  
Christian Science is the explication of Truth, reducing to human apprehension and demonstration the infinite Principle, divine Love, God-manifested in the annihilation of sin, sickness, and death.
Christian Science is Christ Science, or Immanuel knowledge, and involves the ultimate of all reason, revelation and inspiration.
 Quote of Mary Baker Eddy published in the Redbook page 73 compiled by Richard F. Oakes
  Mary Baker Eddy
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America   Julie Olive Treadwell
1 Question:
Is America a place or is it a State of Consciousness?
When seen in its spiritual connotation it must obviously be the latter.n overview of the "seven" and the "four".

Download the entire article if you desire desire freedom from oppression and limitation.
  America by Julie Olive Treadwell - PDF
The United States of America
The Ark and Cradle of Christian Science
  Paul R. Smillie
2 Moses’s simple ark of bulrushes and Christ Jesus’ cradle in the manger, symbolize the protection given the pure and humble Christ-like thought. The protection afforded by the cradle and ark enabled the child-like thought to grow into the fullness of the stature of the Christ.

Download the entire article if you desire desire freedom from oppression and limitation.
  USA - Ark & Cradle of Christian Science - PDF
  Article by Mary Baker Eddy  
Place by Mary Baker Eddy - PDF + MP3
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Mary Baker Eddy's Last Four Written Words - Analysis of
"God is My Life
  Fernand E. d'Humy
Fernand d'Humy was Research director for the Western Union Telegraph Company.  He was a physical scientist of international reputation.

He did not state he studied Christian Science or claimed to be associated with Christian Science.  He apparently knew nothing of the "Science" or “system” of Christian Science.  However his analysis is in line with the "Science" and "system" of Christian Science.

He gives Fernand E. d'Humy provides a deep spiritual analysis of Mary Baker Eddy's last four written words, "God is my Life".

Everything about this last statement reveals deep meaning far beyond what anyone imagines until one studies the scientific discovery made by him which adds a complete new dimension to what was previously thought to be a simple statement.

You will be uplifted by careful study of his work.

Items from Fernand E. d'Humy are also featured as part 2 of the July Lesson
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The Cornerstone of Christian Science - Perfect God Perfect Man
1933 Chicago World's Fair - FREE PDF and MP3 downloads
  Peter V. Ross  CSB

From Peter V. Ross, the author:

On September 23, 1933, I lectured at the Chicago World’s Fair. Two or three years later there came into circulation typewritten reports of the lecture under the caption “The Cornerstone of Christian Science Practice.” Evidently someone took notes of this discourse, transcribed them, and set the document afloat. I have no information just how this was done or who participated.

But typewritten copies have multiplied to the extent that this lecture has gone round the world. Scarcely a week goes by that someone does not express to me his keen appreciation. Hundreds have reported definite healings from their study of the manuscript.

So dynamic has been the effect of the lecture, that, in presenting it here, I have not dared do more, in the way of revision, than to correct some of the glaring errors in English which have crept in from time to time in the course of copying. The document furnishes a striking example of the fact that the spirit of a discourse, not the words, produces the effect.

Items from Peter Ross are also featured as Part 1 of the July Lesson. 

The Peter V. Ross index includes both PDF and MP3 audio files for this 1933 Chicago World's Fair Lecture -- all FREE downloads including links to buy the printed copy and the CD for shipping. 

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Spiritual Plenty - Christian Science   Richard H. Strain
Richard H Strain - Spiritual Plenty - Christian Science.  Good afternoon. I was told I could come and talk to you about any subject that would be helpful. And as I've been thinking about it, it seems to me that the thing that would be most helpful right now, in view of our present economic situation, is to talk about some of the metaphysics that can offset some of the beliefs that this country and individuals are facing. And by doing this, possibly we can all have a better frame of mind about life today and that will make us all better workers in Christian Science. And so the subject of my talk is Spiritual Plenty.

All items from Richard H. Strain featured as part 3 of the July Lesson
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The Bible As Our Life   Peggy M. Brook
Peggy M. Brook was a lifelong Christian Scientist and in 1937 became secretary to the Christian Science teacher, John W. Doorly.  She remained his assistant until his passing in 1950. She continued with her healing practice and gave talks and summer schools on the Bible and other subjects seen in the light of the Science of Christian Science until her passing.

The featured publications of her many are the two-volume set of The Bible As Our Life
The Bible As Our Life - Book 1 - Genesis to Ruth - FREE PDF   Peggy M. Brook
The Bible As Our Life - Book 2 - First Samuel to Esther - FREE PDF   Peggy M. Brook
The Bible As Our Life - 2 Volumes
Biography of Mary Baker Eddy   Doris Grekel
Christian Scientists and the entire world are indebted to Doris Grekel for the results of her thorough research set forth in her publications.
  A.  The Womanhood of God - written in three volumes:
1.  The Discovery of the Science of Man covering the period of 1821-1888
2.  The Founding of Christian Science covering the period of 1888-1900
3.  The Forever Leader covering the period of 1901-1910
Doris Grekel Index
Founder of American Red Cross - FREE PDF download   Clara Barton
Clara Barton - Christian Science
CLARA Barton is best known as the founder of the American Red Cross. Fifty years ago she was included in every American history book, and encyclopedias today describe her as a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a patriot, "a great American woman who devoted her life to the good of humanity."

Clara Barton was born in Oxford, Massachusetts the same year that Mary Baker was born in Bow, New Hampshire. In 1907, at 86 years of age, Miss Barton was publishing the Story of My Childhood. At that time some newspapers and magazines had been publishing lies and malicious attacks upon Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science for over a year until the Discoverer and her discovery were on every tongue and daily press copy for all the papers.

Early in January of 1908 Viola Rodgers interviewed Miss Clara Barton asking the latter's opinion of the much discussed Leader [Mary Baker Eddy] and her religion. Miss Rodgers' story appeared as follows the next day in the New York American.        >>FREE download of talk<<
Clara Barton Talks About Mary Baker Eddy
Author of many books - FREE PDF downloads   Frederick L. Rawson
Frederick L. Rawson 
Frederick L, Rawson was a pioneer in the field of the practical use of electricity and was an engineer of the first company in the field of electric lighting. He laid the first electric railway in England. He was also interested in other things and drew up plans for the first gas-driven automobile and was consulting engineer for the first airship built in Britain. He had the respect of serious minded scientists of his day. He also excelled at various sports and was first violinist in an orchestra for more than a dozen years.

He was widely read in the fields of science and philosophy, and it was through his scientific interest in the remarkable claims made in the area of religion which led to him studying them to discover for himself whether or not the claims were true, and if they were, what scientific basis there was for them.

Christian Science had come to Britain in the late 1880's with considerable success, and its claims of ability to heal the most stubborn of diseases could not fail to attract the attention of thoughtful people. The London Daily Mail resolved to find out the facts concerning these claims and publish them. The paper commissioned Rawson to make a study... and write a series of articles on it. Rawson accepted the assignment and began a study of Christian Science, with the result that far from exposing its errors, he was convinced of its truth and became an ardent Christian Scientist. 
Frederick L. Rawson  Index 
Author of many books - FREE PDF downloads   John L. Sinton
John L. Sinton - Christian Science 
JOHN L. SINTON first became interested in Christian Science when his invalid mother had a remarkable healing. In 1926 he was a founding member of Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, in Manchester, England, and in 1928 he attended John Doorly's Primary Class. In 1932, in the middle of the Great Depression, he gave up a promising career with the Ford Motor Company to become a full-time practitioner. After taking Normal Class from Bicknell Young in 1937, he taught primary classes in Manchester for nine years. A campaign of secret accusation and innuendo over alleged "incorrect" teaching finally led to his resigning from the Mother Church in 1946.

His healing work in Christian Science Practice continued to flourish worldwide outside the Church organization, and from 1948 to 1953 he gave weekly talks in London. In 1950, '51, '52 he held summer schools in Harrogate, England. In 1951 he was invited to hold summer schools at Princeton University in New Jersey, USA and in Los Angeles.

Feeling that, as a logical outcome of Mrs. Eddy's instructions in the Manual, the days of personal teaching were numbered, he spent much of his time during his later years, apart from the practice, in writing a four-volume commentary -- A Scientific Analysis of Science and Health with Key  to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  This masterpiece is one of the most important reference works on this entire website.
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Three New Books for FREE PDF download   Margaret J. Jewson
  An advanced student who is a veteran of the "system" and "Science" of Christian Science blesses us with deep research on important topics.

1.  Elijah and Elisha - 69 pages
Each of the seven synonyms are investigated in detail as they relate to the demonstrated nature and activities of Elijah and Elisha.

2.  Let There Be Light - 139 pages
The majority of people, including those who love it (Bible) most, feel that many passages contradict each other, and they dislike a great deal of the Old Testament because of the atrocities and cruelty depicted in so many of the stories.

But recent research has brought to light some wonderful facts about the Bible.........

3.  The Fundamental Simplicity of the Divine Plan - 29 pages
The "seven" are first set out in the days of creation which open the Bible, and are crystalized by Mrs. Eddy in the answer to the question, "What is God?"  The "four" also permeate both (Bible and Science & Health) books, and perhaps are most easily recognized in the four of the Gospels, each of which presents the same story, but from different standpoints.                      

An overview of the "seven" and the "four".
  Margaret J. Jewson Index
Entire Message of Mary Baker Eddy Captured in Two Famous Paintings Drawn by Hand of God
"Daniel in the Lions' Den" Spiritual Interpretation of Paintings of Briton Riviére - 1915   David N. Baxter
"Daniel" by Briton Riviére - 1872 "Daniel's Answer to the King" by Briton Riviére - 1890
Daniel in the Lions Den by Briton Riviere 1872   Daniel's Answer to the King by Briton Riviere  1890
"A Little Voyage Amid the Symbols" by David N. Baxter, relating the lions to specific Bible verses, reveals the hidden symbols in the two famous paintings of "Daniel" (1872) and "Daniel's Answer to the King" (1890) by master artist Briton Riviére.  The artist did not realize what was accomplished until 47 years later when Bible scholar and advanced Christian Scientist, David N. Baxter, provided him a copy of his book in 1919, four years after publication, along with a letter of inquiry.  You will be surprised with the artist's answer.

Our eternal gratitude to for this valuable 46 minute recording contributed to the Institute.
"A Little Voyage Amid the Symbols" by David N. Baxter - 46 minute mp3 download FREE.
Daniel in the Lions' Den - David N. Baxter
Mary Baker Eddy Hymns, Bible verses, and other lyrics   Kenny Baker, honey-voiced tenor, CS Practitioner
Kenny Baker - Honey Voiced Singer 
Kenny Baker
Kenneth Laurence "Kenny" Baker was an American singer and actor who first gained notice as the featured singer on radio's The Jack Benny Program during the 1930s.  He appeared in seventeen film musicals and also Broadway productions.

He became a Christian Science practitioner and motivational speaker, and recorded a number of albums especially for inspiration from Bible verses and Mary Baker Eddy's "seven hymns" taken from "Poem's" one of the 17 books written by her.  One of these
"seven hymns" are sung each Sunday in Christian Science churches throughout the world.

There seems to be no better way to convey the "deeper spiritual insight" of Mary Baker Eddy in her "Poems" and the Bible verses than through Soul manifesting itself as world-renown vocalist, Kenny Baker.

A BIG THANK YOU to for their professional conversion from the original historic recordings by Kenny Baker.
Kenny Baker Index  - 39 Solos
The "Science" and "system" of Christian Science - 65 MP3's + PDF's   Marya Brunson
Marya Brunson 
Marya Brunson has devoted herself to the study of the science of Christian Science for most of her adult life, studying with such master teachers as Dr. Max Kappeler, W. Gordon Brown, and John L. Morgan, as well as receiving Christian Science class instruction.

The extensive set of talks is briefly summarized as:
(1) Laws of Being - Christian Science level
(2) Laws of Being - absolute Christian Science level
(3) Christianity order - the law of interdependence between the aCS and CS levels
(4) Scientific Prayer - prayer from the standpoints of Mind, Spirit, Soul & Principle.
(5) Life: a scientific journey of discovery - prayer from the standpoint of Life.
(6) The Model of Being and its laws - presents all the laws of the Model of Being.
(7) Healing - offers a method of healing utilizing the laws of the Model of Being.
The seven talks, given on 65 MP3’s come with extensive pdf materials. They teach how to let the system of Christian Science operate in your life.
Marya Brunson Index
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