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"I love the Easter service: it speaks to me of Life, and not of death.
Let us do our work; then we shall have part in his resurrection."
  "I was a scribe under orders." 
"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God" (Col. iii. I)

The old churches are saying, "He is not here;" and, "Who shall roll away the stone?"

The stone has been rolled away by human suffering. The first rightful desire in the hour of loss, when believing we have lost sight of Truth, is to know where He is laid. This appeal resolves itself into these  questions:

Is our consciousness in matter or in God? Have we any other consciousness than that of good? If we have, He is saying to us to-day, "Adam, where art thou?" We are wrong if our consciousness is in sin, sickness, and death. This is the old consciousness.
      - Misc. 178-180
  Mary Baker Eddy
Please see the special Easter Exhibit below   Mary Baker Eddy 
Let us sing of Easter gladness!!!
Immortality - Son of the King - MP3
Immortality - Son of the King - PDF
The stone is rolled away
No one is home - Love has rolled the stone away!
Let us sing of Easter gladness

That rejoices every day,

Sing of hope and faith uplifted;

Love has rolled the stone away.

Lo, the promise and fulfillment,

Lo, the man whom God hath made,

Seen in glory of an Easter

Crowned with light that cannot fade.
The nailprints prove it is me 
Oh ye of little faith - Turn from earth to Spirit to win release!
When we touch Truth's healing garment

And behold Life's purity,

When we find in Love the refuge

That is man's security,

When we turn from earth to Spirit,

And from self have won release,

Then we see the risen Saviour;

Then we know his promised peace.
Knocking at your door of consciousness 
Christ, Truth knocks at the door of consciousness - Anyone home?
Living meekly as the Master,

Who of God was glorified,

Looking ever to the radiance

Of his wondrous Eastertide;

Freed of fear, of pain, and sorrow,

Giving God the honor due,

Every day will be an Easter

Filled with benedictions new. 
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  March Lesson  
  (1) Seminar - W. Gordon Brown  (2) The Bible and Science and Health  -Their Spiritual and Scientific Wedlock  
Divine Science of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy -  MP3's   W. Gordon Brown
1 "Divine Science of Science and Health" by W. Gordon Brown Chapter 1 - 4; the "Word" - First Side of the City Four-Square - FREE MP3 downloads.
  Divine Science of S & H by W. Gordon Brown
Christian Science Non Sectarian - 1967 - 198 pages -  pdf   W. Gordon Brown
2 From the author:
"Christian Science is the revelation to human consciousness of the body of divine understanding and love in which all the individual identities of being are harmoniously related and united. Its necessity, therefore, is to open itself out to ever wider and more inclusive horizons, while at the same time maintaining the original purity of its teaching."

"In view of this, it is of no small interest to find within the pages of Science and Health the prophecy that" A higher discovery" would some time be made regarding Christian Science which would be based upon, and would emanate from, Mary Baker Eddy's original discovery (see S & H 380; 22-28, including marginal heading)."

"Christian Science Non Sectarian" by W. Gordon Brown - 1967  198 pages - FREE pdf download.
  Christian Science Non-Sectarian
Entire Message of Mary Baker Eddy Captured in Two Famous Paintings Drawn by Hand of God
"Daniel in the Lions' Den" Spiritual Interpretation of Paintings of Briton Riviére - 1915   David N. Baxter
"Daniel" by Briton Riviére - 1872 "Daniel's Answer to the King" by Briton Riviére - 1890
Daniel in the Lions Den by Briton Riviere 1872   Daniel's Answer to the King by Briton Riviere  1890
"A Little Voyage Amid the Symbols" by David N. Baxter, relating the lions to specific Bible verses, reveals the hidden symbols in the two famous paintings of "Daniel" (1872) and "Daniel's Answer to the King" (1890) by master artist Briton Riviére.  The artist did not realize what was accomplished until 47 years later when Bible scholar and advanced Christian Scientist, David N. Baxter, provided him a copy of his book in 1919, four years after publication, along with a letter of inquiry.  You will be surprised with the artist's answer.

Our eternal gratitude to for this valuable 46 minute recording contributed to the Institute.
"A Little Voyage Amid the Symbols" by David N. Baxter - 46 minute mp3 download FREE. Daniel in the Lions' Den - David N. Baxter
Mary Baker Eddy Hymns, Bible verses, and other lyrics   Kenny Baker, honey-voiced tenor, CS Practitioner
Kenny Baker - Honey Voiced Singer 
Kenny Baker
Kenneth Laurence "Kenny" Baker was an American singer and actor who first gained notice as the featured singer on radio's The Jack Benny Program during the 1930s.  He appeared in seventeen film musicals and also Broadway productions.

He became a Christian Science practitioner and motivational speaker, and recorded a number of albums especially for inspiration from Bible verses and Mary Baker Eddy's "seven hymns" taken from "Poem's" one of the 17 books written by her.  One of these
"seven hymns" are sung each Sunday in Christian Science churches throughout the world.

There seems to be no better way to convey the "deeper spiritual insight" of Mary Baker Eddy in her "Poems" and the Bible verses than through Soul manifesting itself as world-renown vocalist, Kenny Baker.

A BIG THANK YOU to for their professional conversion from the original historic recordings by Kenny Baker.
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The "Science" and "system" of Christian Science
 6 Comprehensive talks on 56 MP3's
  Marya Brunson, advanced student of master teachers.
Marya Brunson 
The extensive set of talks is briefly summarized as:
(1) Laws of Being - Christian Science Level -  4 laws regarding the Model of Being.
(2) Laws of Being - Absolute Christian Science Level -  4 laws regarding Model of Being.
(3) Laws of Being - Christianity Order - The interdependence between the Law of Eternalization (aCS level) and the Law of Universal Reflection (CS level) in the Christianity order of the Model of Being.
(4) Scientific Prayer - Four talks that were based on a five-step exercise to expand consciousness with grace. 
(5) Life - A Scientific Journey of Discovery - presents the subject of Prayer from the seven fold standpoint of Life
(6) Model of Being & Its Laws - Entire Model of Being, exploring the laws at all 4 levels.
Group of six talks on 56 mp3's + extensive pdf documents by Marya Brunson.  Clearly teaches exactly how to let the system of Christian Science operate in your life.   Science of CS by Marya Brunson
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